Finding a place near the metro? Or planning to travel to the north side of Luzon? Then, Bulacan should be on your top itinerary.

If you love outdoor activities and appreciate the beauty of nature, Bulacan is a place that’s perfect for that. This place has lots of tourist destinations to visit; known for having lots of catholic churches like Barasoain Church, which is where the First Philippine Republic was inaugurated. You can also have your camping and hiking in Mount Balagbag and the beautiful Pinagrealan Cave in Bulakan, Bulacan. 

Key Takeaway

Truly, there is a lot more to discover and experience in this place dubbed as the land of heroes. So in this blog, we will tell you our top 10 picks of the Best Hotels in Bulacan, each with its unique features, some tips, and photos for your reference.

Without further ado, here are the 10 Best Hotels in Bulacan that can accommodate you while enjoying the rest of your trip.

  • Aerostop Hotel and Restaurant
  • Yes Hotel
  • Floating Sanctuary Resort By Cocotel
  • Klir Waterpark Resort and Hotel
  • Leticia’s Garden Resort and Events Place
  • My Cabin by Selah
  • La Florentina Resort
  • Pacific Waves Resort
  • The Greenery
  • Hacienda Galea Resort and Events Place

Read on to learn more about these hotels!

Aerostop Hotel and Restaurant

If you’re looking for an affordable hotel that offers quality services, Aerostop Hotel in Plaridel is ready for you.

All the rooms are fully air-conditioned with a homey interior that will surely help you relax during your stay. Each room has cable tv and a strong wifi connection that you can use to entertain yourself and get in touch with loved ones even if you’re on vacation. The walls of the rooms are not soundproof so expect to hear minimized noises. 

Aerostop Hotel and Restaurant

 If you want to go outside your room and experience their hotel activities, you can visit their restaurant that serves mouth-watering dishes, which is one of the well-praised in Aerotel. Most of their guests give reviews on how they love the food there. 

If you want to enjoy a piece of loud music and get lost in the rhythm of the song while dancing your heart out, you can visit their hotel bar which serves plenty of beverages and snacks. You can also rent a karaoke set and have a mini party with your family by paying extra charges. Make sure to enjoy their outdoor swimming pool area or have a photo shoot in their garden area too. 

In the morning, you can have your complimentary breakfast and have your exercise morning routine in their fitness center. You can always ask for assistance from their friendly and polite hotel staff or go to the front desk which is open 24 hours. 


Other amenities such as toiletries are served by request.


Yes Hotel

A newly built hotel in Pandi, Bulacan that’s slowly establishing its name by giving quality services to every customer. It is located on Balagtas’ busy street, an hour’s drive from Manila, surrounded by different establishments such as supermarkets, fast food chains, churches, and a lot more. The location was also convenient if your itinerary was to visit places near manila and/or places in northern areas. 

Here are some of the rooms they offer:

  • Superior room: cheapest rate with 1 double bed for two people. Fully air-conditioned with wifi connection and flat screen tv. Complimentary breakfast and toiletries. No window.
  • Twin room: most expensive room with 2 double beds for 4 people. Fully air-conditioned with wifi connection and a flatscreen tv. Spacious room with seating area and a glass window that gives a street view. Complimentary breakfast and toiletries. 
Yes Hotel

There are no other hotel activities to offer except a gaming room so your other option was to go out and visit the tourist spots in Bulacan, they offer car rentals that you can use to travel around. Feel free to ask for assistance from their hotel staff or go to the front desk that’s open 24 hours. 


This hotel also has a no-smoking policy so if you are a smoker, this hotel is not for you.


Floating Sanctuary Resort by Cocotel

A hotel staycation in Sta Maria, Bulacan that offers a great and comforting environment to relax.

In terms of their rooms, they have simple yet clean and comfortable fully-air conditioned rooms with free wifi connections. The wifi can accommodate at least 10 gadgets that you can use to entertain yourself, or if not, you can open their LED TV and enjoy watching cable channels.

Floating Sanctuary Resort by Cocotel

This hotel also offers a few activities that you can try and have a fun experience during your stay. They have an outdoor swimming pool area for adults and children. You can also spend your time in their bar lounge while drinking your favorite whisky or have your relaxation through their spa services. If you don’t want to go outside your room but you want to have your drink, all the rooms also have a mini bar that you can use to have a mini party by yourself. 

The front desk is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM daily so be sure to get all your concerns fixed according to the given time. This place is also a pet-friendly hotel, you can bring your pets by paying extra charges.


Before going to the hotel be sure to at least have your reservations 24 hours before your time of arrival.

Klir Waterpark Resort and Hotel

A resort and hotel in Plaridel, Bulacan is commendable because of its great customer service and accommodations.

The moment you step into their lobby, you will be greeted by their friendly and polite hotel staff that will assist you in carrying your luggage. The hotel’s administration was considerate enough to have a wheelchair ready for the physically disabled guests and older ones. They also have an elevator if you don’t want to use the stairs. Parking is not a problem as well because this hotel offers free parking spaces for all their guests

Their rooms have a cozy and homey type of interior that gives you relaxation the moment you lay down. All the rooms have a free wifi connection that you can use to entertain or keep you updated on social media. They do daily housekeeping to maintain a clean and safe room experience.

Klir Waterpark Resort and Hotel

If you want to take advantage of the outside activities, you can spend your time enjoying their swimming pool area or playing billiards in their game room area. If you have any concerns or want to have some assistance, you can go to their front desk that’s open 24 hours as well as their security personnel.


The reception area is open until 6:00 PM daily, so be sure to have your reservations before it closes.

Leticias Garden Resort and Events Place

If you’re planning to have a vacation with your family or celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones, Leticias Garden Resort and Events place is for you.

In terms of their hotel rooms, they only have 20 rooms to occupy and all have their bathroom to use. The interior was simple yet gives you a comfortable ambiance that will help you to relax.

Leticias Garden Resort and Events Place

They also serve complimentary breakfast every day as part of their hotel accommodation; many guests are loving the foods from Papa Joe’s all-day breakfast. If you’re done eating your breakfast and want to enjoy their hotel activities you can take a swim in their infinity pool or sing your favorite song in their karaoke cottage. If you love playing basketball you can play with other guests on their basketball court area. At night you can sleep with nothing to worry about as their security guards are on duty 24/7.


This hotel resort was its event areas; a private pool, garden pavilion, and multi-purpose covered court that you can rent to hold a celebration.

My Cabin by Selah

If you’re finding a place to unwind and forget about the busy day at your workplace, My Cabin by Selah is perfect for you.

They offer small, medium, and big cabins that are fully furnished and fully air-conditioned. All cabins have their own kitchen space, living room, and bathroom area to use during your stay. All the cabins have their unique interior designs that are surely Instagram-worthy; one has a Santorini-inspired interior with its white and blue walls and furniture, and one has a jungle-inspired interior with all the plants and woods designs.

My Cabin by Selah

Each cabin also has its own space to enjoy. You can relax while having a swim in their pool area or enjoy the view of the hectares of land in front of your cabin while drinking your hot coffee. At night you can have peace of mind in front of the bonfire area while melting your marshmallow. This place gives you a province life that you will surely love.


It is located in a remote place so expect to encounter insects around. Better to bring lotions or other insect repellents.

La Florentina Resort

If you want to have your staycation in a place with lots of pools to enjoy, La Florentina Resort should be on your checklist.

All the rooms are air-conditioned and have bathrooms with toiletries. The interior is simple with white walls and clean linens, you can call for housekeeping to clean your room by requesting it to the front desk which is open from 7:00 AM until midnight every day.

La Florentina Resort

This resort located in Burgos, Bulacan has a total of 5 swimming pools of different sizes and feet. You can enjoy and be refreshed by the clean water of their pools from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day. While enjoying their swimming pool area or strolling through their garden area, expect to see frogs and other insects in their vicinity as the location is located in a place with different kinds of trees and plants around.


Pets are not allowed in this resort so be sure to not bring your pet when you visit this place.

Pacific Waves Resort

A resort in Bulacan that offers room to relax and have a comfortable sleep after a busy trip.

They serve free breakfast to all their guests that you will surely love. You can also visit their garden area and have your pictorial there or swim in their outdoor pools that they clean daily. They also have a mini chapel inside the resort that you can visit to have your peaceful talk with yourself or the Man above. Smoking is not allowed as well as bringing a pet. Parking will never be a worry as they have parking slots for all their guests. The security guards have their rounds every day for 24 hours to make sure that the place is safe and sound.


The wifi in this resort is only available in public areas within the vicinity so be sure to bring your pocket wifi or load a data connection.

The Greenery

The Greenery is one of the most famous places in Bulacan as it is already featured on a local television channel for its American-inspired villas and breathtaking view.

Upon your arrival, you will notice how the interior has its style and designs as well as the smiling staff that will assist you on your vacation. They also have onsite parking lots for all their guests. All the villas are well-maintained, clean, and spacious. The interior is very Instagram-worthy as it is inspired by North America’s villas.

The Greenery

They have a barnyard that’s become an event place as well as a floating gazebo where you can rent to have your dream wedding or celebrate your debut party. An infinity pool that you can enjoy and relax. A lighthouse and a whole green nature around you. The place is dreamy and feels like you’re not in the Philippines.


The rate for every room is a little bit pricey and as well as the food they offer so be sure to bring extra money or have enough budget before going to this hotel.

Hacienda Galea Resort And Event Place

The last hotel on our checklist is Hacienda Galea Resort and Events Place in Baliuag, Bulacan.

The rooms are well-sanitized and have daily disinfection. The interior will give you a homey vibe that will surely make you relax. Every room also has a television to use and a wifi connection if you want to keep in touch through social media.

Hacienda Galea Resort and events place

After having your good sleep you can enjoy their big swimming pool area; an adult and children’s pool. You don’t need to go to other places if you want to have your cup of coffee because they have a cafe in the resort. Included in their amenities they offer local dishes as a complimentary breakfast that’s open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM daily. If you want to have a barbeque party they have a barbeque facility to cover.


This place will give you a convenient place when you want to visit the top tourist spots in Bulacan and just an hour’s drive from Manila.

And these are the 10 Best Hotels in Bulacan that you can enjoy while having your trip around the place. Feel free to experience all these places and surely, this will be worth trying!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bulacan known for?

Bulacan is known for its heroes, beautiful women, and progressive partnerships for small and medium-sized businesses. It is also well-known for its excellent craftsmanship in the production of jewelries, leather craftwork, buntal hats, pyrotechnics, bone inlaid furniture, and apparels.

What are the tourist spots in Bulacan?
  • Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish – Barasoain Church
  • Biak Na Bato Natural Park
  • Mount Balagbag
  • Verdivia Fall
  • Mount Manalmon
  • Minor Basilica and Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception
  • Pinagrealan Cave
  • Ciudad De Victoria
  • St. Martin of Tours Parish
  • Puning Cave
  • Tila Pilon Hills
  • Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Angat Dam
  • Kalayaan Tree
  • Marcelo H. del Pilar Shrine
  • Bitbit River
  • National Shrine and Parish of the Divine Mercy
  • St. Augustine Parish
  • Ipo Dam
  • Talon Pari Falls
  • Pulilan Butterfly Haven
  • Maramo River Parking
  • Galilee Wonderland Resort
  • Secret Falls DRT
  • Museo ni Mariano Ponce
  • Minor Basilica and Parish of La Purísima Concepción
  • National Shrine of Nuestra Señora de la Inmaculada Concepcion de Salambao
  • Museo ng Kasaysayang Pampulitika ng Pilipinas – Casa Real Shrine
  • Bustos Dam
  • Madlum Cave
  • Malangaan Spring and Cave
  • Bitbit Bridge
  • Museo ng Republika ng 1899
  • Shrine Of St. Andrew Kim
  • GK Enchanted Farm
  • Talon Ni Eva
  • Bahay na Pula
  • The 13 Falls
  • Madlum River
  • Museo ni Marcelo H. del Pilar
  • Digo’s Hills
  • Balistada Hills
  • Kabayunan View Deck
  • Ipo Dam Viewdeck
  • Eiffel Tower Replica
  • Tumutulo Falls
  • Hilltop
  • Baliuag Museum and Library
  • Bustos Dam Eco Park
  • Museo ng Baliwag
  • The Garden
  • Gulod Paradise
  • Glorietta Park
  • Bustos Heritage Park
  • Pakiling
  • Mount Maranat
  • Santiago Apostol Parish – Poblacion, Plaridel, Bulacan (Diocese of Malolos)
  • Bagbag Bridge
  • Angat Watershed Forest Reserve
  • Manila Memorial Park-Plaridel
  • Lourdes Grotto Church
  • Bahay Paniki Cave
  • Talon ni Pedro
  • Maranat Falls
  • Angat Rainforest And Eco Park View Deck
  • Diocesan Shrine and Parish of St. John the Baptist
  • RFM Kampsite
  • Simbahang Bato
  • Pilar Diy Cruz Ancestral House
  • Golden Haven Memorial Park – Norzagaray
  • Pulong Kabyawan
  • Zamora Falls
  • Diocesan Shrine and Parish of San Isidro Labrador
  • The Uitangcoy-Santos House (Museum of the Women of Malolos)
  • Sayong Campsite
  • The Rising HeARt
  • Old Bagbag Bridge
  • Mt. Lawad
  • Estacion de Guiguinto
  • Angel of Meadows Memorial and Nature Park
  • Mojako’s HILL
  • Sitio 2 campsite resort and falls
  • Jose J. Mariano Park
  • Tawiran Bridge
  • Te amo drt
  • Villa Manaoag Nature Resort and Retreat House
  • Edwin Farm Resort
  • Oriental
  • Baluarte ni Boss Ping
  • Sta. Maria Park (Ricardo Nicolas Park)
  • Tung-tong Falls
  • Malolos Historic Town Center
  • Cherubim Of Heaven Memorial Park
  • Marilao Municipal Plaza
  • Bulacan Provincial Capitol View Park
  • Bulacan Peak
What is the language of Bulacan?

Tagalog and English

What's the capital of Bulacan?


What is the mode of transportation to get to Bulacan from Manila?
  • Car
  • Bus
  • Train
  • Taxi
What is the cheapest way to get from Manila to Bulacan?

The cheapest way is to travel via own car or bus which costs 50-75 Php.

What is the fastest way to get from Manila to Bulacan?

The fastest way is traveling with your service or with a taxi which would only take 25-30 minutes compared to other modes which usually take 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

What's the distance between Manila and Bulacan?

24 km. The road distance is 25.7 km.

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