Bulacan, dubbed as the “Northern Gateway from Manila” is one of the well-known places in the county because of its historical churches and many local destinations to visit. With its beautiful mountains, caves and even lakes and rivers, you will surely love and enjoy going to this place. But did you know that you don’t actually need to travel hours to hours, just to feel the warmth of Central Luzon’s famous land? Having these delicious delicacies, bread and pastries products, tasty treats, and even their most famous fireworks and gowns, you will surely feel that you have already visited the town.

Here are the Famous Products In Bulacan that You Should Buy, when you visit or want to experience the beauty of its locals.

Key Takeaways

Listed down are the products that originated or can only be found in Bulacan. Some of them are available in any local market, and some are available online and available only when you visit their shop in Bulacan. But all have a touch of the history of the place and its locals.

  • LALA Milky Chocolate
  • Champola Wafer Stick
  • Chicharon
  • Eurobake’s Ensaymada
  • Eurobake’s Inipit
  • Toasted Pastillas
  • Aparon Crispy Wafer Flakes
  • Minasa (Casava Cookie)
  • Gorgorya
  • Longganisang Calumpit
  • Hamon Bulakenya
  • Biringheng Bulacan
  • Bocaue’s Fireworks
  • Disenyo Pandi’s Gowns and Barongs
  • Meycauayan’s Jewelries

Bulacan’s Food Products

Let’s first dig into the famous food products and delicacies of Bulacan. Make sure to take note and try these when you come across the town or order it online. Support these local shops and products.

LALA Milky Chocolate

This product from Guguinto, Bulacan is one of the famous local chocolate bars in the country. With its affordable price, you can find it at any convenience store nationwide. The tasty and delicious chocolate flavor and the chewiness of LALA will surely make your mouth watery. Unlike any other, what sets LALA apart is that it doesn’t have any oil fats, it is purely milk-based chocolate and cocoa. Healthy and addictive at the same time.


A little history, did you know that Salvacion Belaro is the one who invented this famous chocolate? Originally it was a Bicol Recipe but then the Balero family decided to move and set up a shop in Bulacan, and this is where everything falls into their right places.

Champola Wafer Stick

Champola Wafer Stick is also available in the market and known by local consumers for its delightful taste and affordable price. The factory is also located in Guiguinto, Bulacan. It is a crispy wafer roll that has a chocolate filling on the inside, which makes it more delicious and appealing. Filipinos usually have it for snacks or meryenda. Enjoyed by kids and even kids at heart.

This famous snack from Bulacan is also available online and in other supermarkets. You don’t need to actually visit the place to know the taste of this well-known product!



Chicharon is one of the famous pasalubong in Bulacan. Many Chicharon shops and even factories are located in this town, specifically in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. TV programs and food travel blogs feature Sta Maria’s Chicharons with their crispiness and the combination of saltiness and vinegar all in one., This is the reason why many locals and even tourists added this treat to their bucket lists to try on!

It is a crunchy treat that originally came from Spain that has passed on to our ancestors when they colonized the country back in the day. It is a deep-fried pork belly or rinds that are sprinkled with salt and usually partnered with vinegar. You should try this Chicharon when you visit Bulacan, a highly-recommended and a must-try!

Eurobake’s Ensaymada

When you go to Malolos, Bulacan it is a MUST to visit this famous bakeshop named Eurobake. They have many pasalubong bread and pastries that you should try and enjoy, including their famous old-fashioned Ensaymada.

It is not the ordinary Ensaymada that you can buy at the local bake shops anywhere. Eurobake’s Ensaymada makes it one of a kind because this Ensaymada has salted duck egg as a topping, together with the mouthwatering cheese and sugar that melts in your mouth.

Many locals and foreigners always come back whenever they’ve tasted this Ensaymada of Malolos. Addictive as they’ve said, but the price is very reasonable and affordable as it is a local product.


Eurobake’s Inipit

The most famous product of Eurobake is their original Inipit.

Inipit is a tagalog word that means “pressed in between”. It originated in Malolos and was invented by Salome P. De Ramos and passed on through generations and generations of their family. We can say that Inipit is one of the most famous pastries in the Philippines. Who wouldn’t have tasted any inipit in their lives? It also has an Inipit snack bar that we always buy when we’re in elementary school and is available in any local supermarkets nationwide.

It is a 2 layered chiffon cake pressed together with different flavored fillings. You can have ube flavor, cheese, vanilla, yema, condense, and many other options to choose from. Tasty, sweet, and yummy meryenda that every Filipino loves.

Taste N’ See Toasted Pastillas

Have you tried eating Pastillas when you visited a certain tourist destination? This sweet and chewy pastry is always present in every pasalubong shop in the country….but only in Bulacan, you will find the toasted pastillas!

Like traditional pastillas, it is made out of milk powder and condensed milk. What makes it unique is that they toasted it in a frying pan until it becomes caramel-like in color. Many locals love this new way of making pastillas, a combination of sweetness and a bit of bitterness because it is toasted.

Taste N’ See is the famous shop that sells these goodies. Make sure to visit any of the branches when you pass by the area of Bulacan.

Aparon Crispy Wafer Flakes

It is a Filipino version of wafer flakes caramelized with sugar and sesame seeds. Because Bulacan is known as a place where many catholic churches are located, this treat is made out of unconsecrated Hostia. They said that they first come up with this treatment to make use of extra and discarded wafers used in Catholic Churches.

Today, Aparon manufactured these crispy wafer flakes and distributed them to many local shops and supermarkets in the town. They sell it in jars at a very affordable price. You can order it through online shops and sellers or if you visited the place, be sure to buy this product as a pasalubong. 

Minasa (Casava Cookie)

It is a popular Bulacan treat that came from the town of Bustos.

The name Minasa is a tagalog word that is usually used in baking, a kneading motion when making a dough of bread. The main ingredient of this cookie is arrowroot, cassava flour, and fresh coconut milk. Healthy and easy-to-find ingredients are the reason why it is also affordable and always present in the market.

Many shops in Bustos, Bulacan sell this famous treat, in different brands and different flavors and tastes. Can’t blame the locals, because Minasa is perfect for meryenda especially if paired with hot coffee or chocolate. A yummy treat indeed!


Gorgorya is one of the old recipes from the colonial period in Bulacan. They’ve said that this sweet panghimagas was invented when friars used egg whites to bind rocks, shells, and coral together to build churches. Because of this, locals in Bulacan think of any possible way to utilize the egg yolk and not go to waste. This is where they start creating Gorgorya.

The spelling of this fried dough is kinda confusing as some called it Gorgorya, Gurgurya, or Gorgoria. But nonetheless, they are all referring to these sweet and delicious panghimagas of Bulacan!

Many local shops in the town sell Gorgorya, so be sure to have a taste when you visit Bulacan. You will surely love it and can’t get enough of it.

Longganisang Calumpit

Let’s take a break from all the sweets and pastries of Bulacan and go to the actual food product.

Longganisang Calumpit or also known as Longganisang Bawang is one of the famous Longganisa in Bulacan and other nearby provinces. Many locals and foreigners wanted to have a hand in this famous Longganisa and have it for their breakfast. Even some Hotels in Bulacan offers Longganisang Calumpit in their restaurant’s menu.

It is made with lean pork, garlic, brown sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, paprika, and bay leaves. What sets Longganisang Calumpit apart from any other Longganisa in the country is its thick and full size. Making it more delightful and leaving every customer satisfied.

Hamon Bulakenya

This Hamon Bulakenya is a Filipino style of the usual Ham recipe that came from Bulacan. You can really enjoy eating this dish because of its taste and the combination of sweetness and saltiness.

The Ham in this Bulakenya recipe is marinated in pineapple juice. Leaving the flavor and tenderness of the meat. Some even added a beer when marinating the Ham to make it more delicious. When served, they put melted sugar or honey syrup on top as a sauce. Just by thinking about it, my mouth is already watery!

This dish is believed to have originated from the Spanish friars who lived in Bulacan. Pass on the dish to the locals and make them their own version.

Biringheng Bulacan

Like the Hamon Bulakenya, this famous dish from Bulacan is also a Filipino Style of one of the famous Spanish dishes, Paella. You can really say how this town was influenced by the Spaniards back when we were still under their hand.

This traditional food is made up of sticky rice almost a suman like-consistency. Much more sticky than the original recipe. Slow-cooked in creamy coconut milk, chicken broth, and added seasoning and spices. People who tried this said that it somehow tasted like a combination of Paella, Risotto, and Kakanin. By that, you can already say how delicious and flavorful this Biringheng Bulacan is.

Bulacan’s Souvenirs

Aside from the delicious foods and delicacies above, Bulacan also has other well-known products below to offer.

Bocaue’s Fireworks

When you first heard Bocaue, Bulacan I’m sure that some of you will automatically think “ Fireworks ”. This place is always on the news when the New Year Season is approaching.  In fact, because of many local manufacturers and shops, it is dubbed the “Fireworks Capital of the Philippines”.

Different kinds of firecrackers can be found in Bocaue. From Baby rockets, Small Triangulo, Lusis up to the Fireworks and Fountains, name it, and you can surely find it in those shops. 

Disenyo Pandi’s Gowns and Barongs

After Fireworks, let’s go on with another product that’s also connected to celebrations. Miles away from Bocaue you will find the town of Pandi that’s famous for its beautiful Gowns and Barong is known as Disenyo Pandi.

It is a place where many local designers have created their gowns and barongs. You can buy or rent it for a very affordable price range. Beautiful designs from our local designers. Everything about this Disenyo Pandi is local, from fabrics to every bead used in gowns and barongs. You will feel pride and honor whenever you wear these masterpieces.

The municipality of Pandi is very supportive and helps the locals to make the town of Pandi known for its local garments and embroidery. Their goal is to be dubbed the “Fashion Capital of the Philippines”.

Meycauayan’s Jewelry

One of the towns of Bulacan that already established its name in Meycauayan. It is known for being the “Jewelry Capital of the Philippines” because of many jewelry firms, shops, and production located in this place.

Gold, semi-colored gemstones, pearls, and diamonds name it and you will surely find it in Meycauayan. Based on the data of the Meycauayan Jewelries blog, it has been reported that there are about 2,000 registered and unregistered jewelry manufacturers in this province of Bulacan. Most of their locals are owners or if not, working in this industry. It becomes one of the factors of their source of income.

Local shops and resellers all over the country, and even internationally outsource this product. They become distributors of Meycauyan’s Jewelries. If you’re the kind of person who loves having this luxury product, make sure to buy one when you visit the town.

And these are some of the famous local products that take pride in the town of Bulacan. Be sure to take down notes and try these famous products of Bulacan when you visit the province or find them online to experience the beauty of the locals.

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the famous products of Bulacan?

Bulacan is known for several famous products that have gained recognition both locally and internationally. Some of these include:


  • Jewelry – Bulacan is considered as the jewelry capital of the Philippines, and is known for producing high-quality gold and silver jewelry. The province is home to skilled artisans who create intricate designs using different metals and gemstones.
  • Agricultural products – Bulacan is one of the top producers of rice, corn, and other crops in the country. It is also known for producing high-quality fruits such as mangoes, avocados, and bananas.
  • Inabel cloth – Inabel is a handwoven fabric that is made using traditional techniques by the Ilocano weavers in Bulacan. It is known for its intricate designs and high-quality texture, and is used to create clothing, bags, and other products.
  • Chicharon – Bulacan is famous for producing some of the best chicharon or pork cracklings in the Philippines. It is made by deep-frying pork rind until crispy and served with vinegar dipping sauce.
  • Pastillas de Leche – These sweet milk candies are a popular souvenir from Bulacan. They are made from condensed milk and sugar, and rolled in sugar to create a smooth, creamy texture.
  • Ensaymada – Bulacan-style ensaymada is a sweet and buttery pastry that is topped with grated cheese and sugar. It is a popular breakfast and snack food in the province.
    What is Bulacan best known for?
    • Historical sites – Bulacan is home to several historical sites that played a significant role in the country’s history, such as the Barasoain Church and the Biak-na-Bato National Park.
    • Jewelry – Bulacan is considered as the jewelry capital of the Philippines, and is known for producing high-quality gold and silver jewelry.
    • Food – Bulacan is known for its delicious cuisine, which includes dishes like burong isda, inipit, and batutay.
    • Cultural heritage – Bulacan is home to several cultural heritage sites, such as the Angat Hydroelectric Plant, the Philippine Arena, and the Nuestra Señora dela Asunción Parish Church.
    • Products – Bulacan is known for producing various products, including jewelry, agricultural products, marble products, handicrafts, and meat products.


      The province’s rich culture and history, as well as its unique products and cuisine, make it a popular destination for tourists and a source of pride for Filipinos.

      What is the famous delicacy in Bulacan?

      Bulacan is known for several famous delicacies that are popular among Filipinos and visitors alike. One of the most famous delicacies in Bulacan is called “burong isda”, which is a type of fermented fish dish. The dish is made by mixing fresh fish with rice and salt, and allowing it to ferment for several days. The result is a tangy and savory dish that is often eaten with rice or as a side dish.

      Another popular delicacy in Bulacan is “inipit”, which is a sweet pastry made of two layers of sponge cake with custard filling in between. The pastry is often topped with a sweet glaze or sprinkled with sugar.

      “Bibingka” is also a famous delicacy in Bulacan, which is a type of rice cake made with coconut milk and baked in a clay pot. It is often served with grated coconut and salted egg on top.

      Lastly, “batutay” is a savory pastry that is made with a mixture of ground meat, vegetables, and spices, which is then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. It is a popular snack food in the province.

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