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Albay, a province in the Philippines, offers a diverse range of products across its districts. Here are some notable products from the 1st to 3rd districts of Albay:

Sto Domingo Linanggang
Bacacay Karagumoy
Malilipot Abaca Products
Tabaco Tabak
Tiwi Clay Products


  • Camalig- Pinangat
Polangui Muscovado
Ligao Putong Ligao
Guinobatan Guinobatan Longganisa
Oas Putong Oas
Libon Rice



Bulacan province in the Philippines is known for its diverse range of products across its municipalities. Here are some notable products from select municipalities in Bulacan:

Fireworks: Bocaue is famous for its vibrant fireworks industry. The municipality is renowned for producing high-quality fireworks, particularly during festivals and celebrations.

Jewelry: Meycauayan is known as the “Jewelry Capital of the Philippines.” The municipality is home to numerous skilled jewelry artisans and manufacturers who create exquisite gold and silver jewelry pieces.

Handwoven Products: San Ildefonso is recognized for its traditional handwoven products, such as banig (woven mats) and bayong (woven bags). These artisanal crafts showcase the local weaving skills and cultural heritage of the community.

Freshwater Fish: Angat is famous for its freshwater fish production, particularly tilapia. The municipality’s fishponds and fish farms yield abundant harvests, making it a significant supplier of tilapia in the region.

    Balloon Festival Souvenirs: Baliuag hosts an annual Balloon Festival, attracting tourists from around the country. During the festival, you can find a variety of souvenirs and merchandise related to hot air balloons and the event itself.

    Rice Cakes and Sweets: Plaridel is known for its delectable rice cakes and sweets, including suman (sticky rice cake), kakanin (traditional Filipino rice delicacies), and various native delicacies made from rice, coconut, and other local ingredients.


    Batangas province in the Philippines is renowned for its diverse range of products across its municipalities. Here are some notable products from select municipalities in Batangas:

    Balayan Fish Paste (Bagoong)
    Calaca Pickled Papaya (Atchara)
    Calatagan Seaweeds & Candles
    Lemery Burong Bawang & Tulingan
    Lian Meringue
    Nasugbu Seaweeds, Bamboo & Bignay Products
    Taal Embroidery, Balisong, Panutsa, Tapa, Longganisa, Empanada
    Tuy Sugarcane Products
    Bauan Mango Nectar
    Lobo Tamarind Sweets and Wine
    Mabini Tablea
    San Luis Bamboo Craft
    San Pascual Mango and Rimas
    Tingloy Fresh Fish and Buli Products
    Agoncillo Fresh Tilapia
    Alitagtag Fresh Vegetables, Suman and Coco Jam
    Balete Honey Bee
    Cuenca Bread
    Laurel Fresh Tilapia
    Malvar Macapuno Candies & Nata de Coco
    Mataasnakahoy Coffee, Tablia, Molido
    San Nicolas Fresh Maliputo
    Sta. Teresita Religious Images
    Sto. Tomas Buko
    Talisay Ornamental and Fruit Seedlings
    Tanauan City Bibingka & Suman
    Ibaan Tamales & Kulambo
    Padre Garcia Candies and Livestock
    Rosario Kalamay and Sinukmani
    San Jose Poultry Products
    San Juan Pottery and Lambanog
    Taysan Tamarind and Passion Fruits
    5th District (Batangas City) Pakaskas and Buli Products
    6th District (Lipa City) Coffee


    Cebu province in the Philippines is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse range of products across its municipalities. Here are some notable products from select municipalities in Cebu:

    Handcrafted guitars: Cebu City is famous for its handcrafted guitars, renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Local artisans skillfully create guitars that are sought after by musicians and collectors worldwide.

    Chicharon and Lechon: Carcar City is renowned for its delicious chicharon (pork cracklings) and lechon (roast pig). The city is known for producing crispy and flavorful chicharon and succulent lechon, which are popular Filipino delicacies.

    Torta and Tableya: Argao is known for its traditional delicacies, particularly the famous torta—a sweet cake made with flour, eggs, and lard. The municipality is also recognized for its tableya, a local cocoa product used for making rich and flavorful hot chocolate.

    Metal Crafts: Toledo City is renowned for its metalworking industry. Skilled craftsmen create a wide range of metal crafts, including intricate ironworks, sculptures, and household items.

    Dried Fish and Seafood: Bantayan Island is famous for its dried fish and seafood products. The island’s residents engage in fishing and drying techniques to produce a variety of dried fish, such as danggit, pusit, and dried squid, which are popular local delicacies.

    Vegetables and Fruits: Dalaguete is known for its agricultural produce, particularly vegetables and fruits. The municipality’s highland areas are suitable for growing temperate vegetables like cabbage, carrots, and potatoes. It is also known for its sweet mangoes and other tropical fruits.


    Davao City, located in the southern part of the Philippines, offers a wide array of products that showcase the diversity and richness of the region. Here are some notable products from select municipalities in Davao City:

    Durian: Toril is known for its durian fruit, often called the “King of Fruits.” This spiky fruit has a unique flavor and aroma, and you can find various durian-based products like candies, pastries, and ice cream in Toril and throughout Davao City.

    Pomelo: Calinan is recognized for its delicious and juicy pomelo, a citrus fruit with a slightly sweet and tangy taste. The municipality’s fertile lands are ideal for growing pomelo, and you can purchase fresh pomelo or try pomelo-based products like jams and juices.

    Handwoven Products: Paquibato is known for its traditional handwoven products made by indigenous communities. These include intricate textiles, baskets, mats, and other woven crafts, which represent the cultural heritage and craftsmanship of the local tribes.

    Organic Vegetables: Tugbok is famous for its organic vegetable farms, offering a wide range of fresh and pesticide-free produce. Visitors can find an abundance of leafy greens, root crops, and other vegetables grown using sustainable farming methods.

    Bangus (Milkfish): Bunawan is renowned for its bangus or milkfish, which is a popular seafood delicacy in the Philippines. The municipality is known for its bangus farming and you can enjoy fresh or processed bangus dishes in local restaurants and markets.

    Flowers and Ornamental Plants: Baguio District is recognized for its flower and ornamental plant industry. The area is known for producing vibrant flowers like roses, chrysanthemums, and orchids, as well as various ornamental plants that are popular among gardening enthusiasts.

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