When visiting Albay, there’s this one common thing that comes to mind of tourists and travelers. They need to see the famous Perfect-Cone Shaped Mayon Volcano!

To tell you the truth, you can see Mt. Mayon even when just walking or commuting around Albay on an ordinary day. It is just right around you whenever you go when you are in Albay. You can even see it in some best hotels in Legazpi where you might be staying in. But as a tourist or a traveler, we know that you want to be at the top Mayon Volcano spots in Albay.

Key Takeaway

In this article, we are going to enumerate the top tourist spots where you can see the Mayon Volcano with amazing views. Read on!

      • Quituinan Ranch
      • Camaig Bypass Road
      • Sumlang Lake
      • Mayon Black Lava Wall
      • Highlands Park
      • Quitinday Hills
      • Tigbao Highlands
      • Legazpi Boulevard
      • Mayon Skyline
      • Mt. Masaraga
      • The Campsite
      • Solong Eco Park
      • Green Lava
      • Hobbit Hill
      • Daraga Church
      • Ilah Nature Park
      • Aguas’ Farm
      • Lignon Hill
      • Pawa-Tamaoyan Road
      • Cagsawa Ruins

Quituinan Ranch

Mayon Volcano at Quituinan Ranch
Image Source: Quituinan Ranch Facebook Page

Quituinan Ranch is basically a ranch that is open to the public and offers a variety of activities such as horseback riding, ATV rides, and even a picnic with your family and friends. Most importantly, you can get a better look at the “Daragang Magayon” and pose for a selfie or groupie with her.

Located at Tinago, Camalig, Albay

Camalig Bypass Road

Mayon Volcano at Camalig Bypass Road

The Camalig Bypass Road project in Camalig, Albay intends to provide visitors and other road users with safer, more accessible, and better accessibility. For Albayanos, this is the newest sensation in Albay. Aside from the food stalls along the road, you can joyride with your friends or family on its long and wide road.

Located in Camalig, Albay

Sumlang Lake

Mayon Volcano at Sumlang Lake
Image Source: Doc Chito Madamba

Sumlang Lake has peaceful and enticing vibes that guarantee a delightful sense of calmness and peacefulness while overlooking Mount Mayon. It is, indeed, an ideal setting for photographs. Inside the property, they have Socorro’s Lakeside Restaurant and Grill which offers great food! They also have a swimming pool where you can relax while looking at the beauty of Mayon.

Located at P-1 Sumlang, Camalig, Albay

Mayon Black Lava Wall

Mayon Volcano Black Lava Wall
Image Source:  Jeff Senatorre

The Black Lava Wall was constructed after the 2006 Mt. Mayon eruption, which resulted in a pile of lava rocks. Can you figure out how tall the lava wall is? Don’t be surprised, but it’s roughly forty to fifty feet tall! Still don’t believe us? Come see it for yourself! 🙂 In addition to the lava rock pile, there is a helipad on top of the rocks. It serves as a base for rescue expeditions to the volcano. Tourists and travelers, on the other hand, utilize it as a runway or a platform to snap selfies or photographs with the Majestic Mayon.

Located at Mabinit, Legazpi City

Highlands Park

Mayon Volcano at Highlands Legazpi

Highlands Park is the largest FOOD PARK in Legazpi City, located on top of a mountain with views of the municipality of Daraga, the entire city of Legazpi, and, of course, the magnificent splendor of the Mayon Volcano! You should also not miss the sunset when you’re here and your day will then be perfect.

Located at Estanza, Legazpi City

Quitinday Hills

Mayon Volcano at Quitinday Hills
Image Source: Legazpi City FB Page

Have you seen the Chocolate Hills in Bohol? Albay has its own take on it. The Quitinday Hills! Quitinday Hills is a 400-hectare land area packed with green hills and an impressive view from the summit. A little trekking will get you pumped to go up, so wear your trekking shoes and carry a bottle of water. Of course, seeing the Mayon Volcano among the verdant hills as its crowning glory adds to the allure of Quitinday Hills! Remember to bring your cameras to capture the grandeur of this tourist attraction!

Located at Baligang – Caguiba Rd, Camalig, Albay.

Tigbao Highlands

Mayon Volcano at Tigbao Highlands
Image Source: Mela Santiago

Tigbao Highlands is a breathtaking location for Mayon sightseeing due to its mind-blowing terrain, magnificent scenery, and a large portrait of the skies. You might think of this as Albay’s Batanes. A vast natural playground begging to be discovered.

Located in Ligao City.

Legazpi Boulevard

Mayon Volcano at Legazpi Boulevard

Legazpi Boulevard is a beachfront park where you can eat street food, jog, or simply wander along the beach. Early in the morning, you can feel the sea breeze, and in the evening, you may enjoy driving the long road. This is the location where you may witness Daragang Magayon is guarded by a hill formed like a sleeping lion. You will never be disappointed in visiting this location.

Located at Brgy. Dap-dap, Legazpi City

Mayon Skyline

Mayon Volcano at Skyline
Image Source: Cristan Pago

This nature park has a planetarium, a playground, and cottages where you can chill and enjoy the view of Tabaco City. But… Imagine yourself in the center of an active volcano’s body. Yes, that’s where this spot is located. Right in the heart of Mt. Mayon’s body! I’m not scaring you, because most people enjoy trekking thus far because it allows them to view and feel the Mayon Volcano more clearly and closely. Would you dare?

Located in Tabaco City

Mt. Masaraga

Mayon Volcano at Mt. Masaraga
Image Source: Rocky Fabilane & Masaraga Watershed

Mount Masaraga is a hiking spot in Albay. If you’re looking for a rewarding hike that will leave your mind spinning with awe, this is the adventure for you.

When you arrive at the peak of Mount Masaraga, you’ll be greeted by a sea of clouds and then the beauty of Mayon Volcano towering over everything. Totally different perspective from the usual—the way they look on the way up isn’t quite as impressive as when everything is below you. It’s hard to describe how breathtaking it feels to stand on top of this mountain, but when you do, it will definitely be worth it!

Located in Ligao City

The Campsite

Mayon Volcano at The Campsite
Image Source: Sid Luna

If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind, the Camp Site of Ligao City is the place for you! You can relax here while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Mayon Volcano. Together with your family and friends, you can visit the camp day and night. What you expect will surely be a reality.

The site has cottages and tree houses, plus you can even use their kitchen for free when you visit there. The area is perfect for biking, hiking, sports recreation, and camping.

Located in Ligao City

Solong Eco Park

Mayon Volcano at Solong Eco Park
Image Souce: Solong Eco Park and Tours, Cave and Mountain

Solong Eco Park is a beautiful place to visit. The trails are well-maintained and the views are spectacular. It is the place to be if you’re in the mood for a little adventure. Here, you can hike up the hill and take in the view of the green hills and valleys below. You can even go on an adventure through a cave! Or, if you’re feeling up to it, venture out on top of the hill and take unlimited photos of your surroundings, especially the view of Mayon Volcano.

Located in Camalig, Albay

Green Lava

Mayon Volcano at Green Lava
Image Source: Ivy Joy Balantes

If there is a Black Lava Wall where you can see the lava rocks, there is also a Green Lava Field where you can enjoy the lush green of nature while being watched by the majestic Mayon Volcano near you.

Off-road driving is available to enjoy through ATV rides that you can take if you feel like getting your adrenaline pumping with a little bit of thrill. Remember, the ride is not for the faint of heart, but it is definitely worth it! So if you are looking for a fun day out in the countryside, look no further than Green Lava.

Located in Daraga, Albay

Hobbit Hill

Mayon Volcano at Hobbit Hill
Image Source: Hobbit Hill Facebook Page

Hobbit Hill is a hidden gem in the city of Ligao. It’s a nature reserve with Hobbit houses and trails that wind through beautiful greenery and past flower beds lining the path.

If you want a romantic getaway, this is definitely it! The top is worth it — you can see the Mayon Volcano and the greenery below. You can see everything in one glance. Bird’s nest where you can take a cute photo alone or with your special someone makes this place more fun.

If you forgot to bring snacks, you can buy some chips and local snacks there. There are also washrooms in case you feel the need to pee. So if you’re looking for a new experience that won’t break your wallet or waistline, Hobbit Hill is definitely worth checking out!

Located at Amtic, Ligao City

Daraga Church

Mayon Volcano at Daraga Church

The Daraga Church is a Baroque-style church located in the town of Daraga, Albay province. While you can see the Mayon Volcano on the right side as a background, the façade of this church and its walls are made out of volcanic rocks coated with lime for protection from deterioration. Engraved on the façade and belfry are meaningful elements and symbols from the past.

Located at Daraga, Albay

Ilah Nature Park

Mayon Volcano at Ilah Nature Park
Image Source: Ilah Nature Park

Ilah Nature Park is the perfect place for you to relax and enjoy nature while watching the beauty of the Mayon Volcano. You will find a variety of activities here: trekking, biking, and picnicking as well as family bonding time and friends outing. You will appreciate the natural beauty of this park as it offers lovely views of nature.

Located at Sabluyon, Ligao City

Aguas Farm

Mayon Volcano at Aguas' Farm

The farm with the perfect sightseeing of Sto. Domingo Albay in 360 view! You can bring your family, friends, loved ones, and pets and experience that nature vibe and animal-friendly ambiance.

The farm has a Villa and classic Glamping known as “Kubominium” where you can stay overnight. Also, different breeds of animals and fishes are available for feeding such as Ostrich, Monkey, Koi Fish, etc. Lastly, your visit won’t be complete until you try their tasty freshly brewed coffee specially made for you. They offer a variety of international and native Albayano cuisines too.

Located at Fidel Surtida, Sto. Domingo Albay

Lignon Hill

Mayon Volcano at Lignon Hill

Lignon Hill is considered as the protector of the city of Legazpi as it lies in the center of the city. Hiking in Lignon Hill is a must-do activity. The city’s only tourist attraction offers visitors a 360-degree view of the Mayon Volcano, Albay Gulf, and a panoramic view of the city, especially at night.

Located in Legazpi City

Pawa-Tamaoyan Road

Mayon Volcano with Giant Statue of Nuestra Señora de Salvación

With the statue known as the heavenly mother patroness of Albay, this new monument of Nuestra Señora de Salvación in Legazpi City is located along the rotunda of Brgy. Dita, Pawa, and Tamaoyan and has a height of 15 meters (49 feet). The location is a perfect place for biking and riding especially when circling around the giant statue as it also boasts the vast rice fields and Mayon Volcano in the background.

Located at Pawa-Tamaoyan Rd, Legazpi City

Cagsawa Ruins

Mayon Volcano at Cagsawa Ruins
Image Source: ALL around IN BICOL FB Page

Finally, but most emphatically not least… The icon of Albay Province – The Cagsawa Ruins Park. It is one of the most historically significant locations in Albay. Cagsawa Ruins are the aftermath of Mayon Volcano’s most catastrophic eruption in recorded history. During the 1814 eruption, this belfry was all that remained of the town. It is now one of the most well-known Albay tourism destinations, never failing to awe its tourists. You won’t be able to resist shooting photos of the Ruins and the Mayon Volcano together while you’re here. Bet?

Located at Busay, Daraga Albay

Can’t decide which location to add to your bucket list next? Why not put them all?  To see other recommendations from Albayanos themselves, check their comments on our post.

And don’t forget to share with us your personal favorite spot when you get there!

Frequently Ask Questions

Which among these spots has the highest point where you can see everything in Albay?

The highest spot is Mt. Masaraga.

Which spot is the nearest in Mayon Volcano?

The nearest spot is the Mayon Skyline as it lies at the bottom part of the body of Mayon Volcano itself

Which of these spots has the clearest view of the Mayon Volcano?

In our own experience, we can clearly see the Mayon Volcano from Camalig Bypass Road.

Which spot has fun activities while watching the Mayon Volcano?

If you’re looking for a thrilling activities like ATV Rides and Air Cycling, you can go to Cagsawa Ruins. If you want your kids to travel with you, you can go to Aguas’ Farm as they offer kid-friendly activities while enjoying the view of Mayon Volcano. If you want to work on your cardio while savoring the magnificence of Mayon Volcano, you can hike the mentioned hills and mountains mentioned above. If you want some water activities, you can swim and island hop without losing sight of the Daragang Magayon.

Can you still see the Mayon Volcano even outside Albay?

Yes but from certain places only:

  • Monte Karlo Waterfront Tourist Inn, Virac Catanduanes
  • Tugawe Cove Resort, Caramoan Peninsula, Camarines Sur
  • Islands of Masbate,Ticao and Burias

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