As a local, I haven’t thought of listing down the activities that Albay can offer. Sounds reasonable for a normal person who takes her province for granted. Lol. So I was wondering what to do in the province and I found out that there are a lot of fun things to try and places to see here!

But before that, allow me to let you know some points about the Albay province.

Albay is a province composed of 15 municipalities and 3 cities that are divided into 3 districts. It is located in the Bicol Region of the Philippines and is situated near Mayon Volcano which became famous because of its perfect cone shape.

Now that you already know these things about Albay, let’s talk about what you can do while you’re here and how you can explore these 3 districts to give you an extraordinary experience.

Key Takeaway

Albay province offers a diverse range of experiences, from exploring natural wonders like Mayon Volcano and its surrounding areas to indulging in the region’s spicy cuisine and learning about the local culture and history. With its beautiful landscapes, adventure activities, and vibrant festivals, Albay is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience in the Philippines.

Mayon Volcano Sight-Seeing

Mayon Volcano at Aguas' Farm

I bet this is the first thing that you want to do when your shoes touched the ground of Albay province after your long travel. Let me tell you the good news. You can see our Daragang Magayon (Beautiful Lady) anywhere in Albay! From the airport or bus terminals, from the streets while you’re driving or walking, and even from the restaurants and hotels where you are booked! Of course, you need to choose one that offers a room with the perfect view of Mayon. But if you want a place that can offer a near, clear, and perfect view of the Mayon Volcano, check here.

Island Hopping

Caramoan in Camarines Sur

Albay is also famous when it comes to island hopping from black sand to white-sand beaches. If you want a vanishing island, (from its name vanishing, it vanishes when high tide and appears when low tide), an island with a cave, an island with beautiful resorts, and many more, Albay can offer them all! Just get ready with your island hopping outfit and we’re ready to drift!

Explore with your Taste Buds!


Try the different Albay delicacies and native cuisines especially cooked and prepared by local restaurants and street vendors. Albayanos love spicy foods that’s why our famous dish is Bicol Express. And yes, our street vendors offer these native dishes, street foods and ‘meriendang Albayano’ or snacks that are the best if you are the kind of traveler who’s bold and adventurous!

Relax at Hot Spring Resorts, Waterfalls, Rivers, and Lakes


Hot Spring Resorts

Try the different Albay delicacies and native cuisines especially cooked and prepared by local restaurants and street vendors. Albayanos love spicy foods that’s why our famous dish is Bicol Express. And yes, our street vendors offer these native dishes, street foods and ‘meriendang Albayano’ or snacks that are the best if you are the kind of traveler who’s bold and adventurous!


The province of Albay is blessed with cascading falls that are like magnets for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers. Albay may have waterfalls that differ in size and shape but we certainly can’t argue the fact that they are a sight to behold and enjoy with family and friends. The majestic waterfalls welcome travelers who would want to enjoy its splendor through swimming even at the footstep of the rapids. Vera Falls and Busay Falls are two of the most famous waterfalls here in Albay.


Sumlang Lake is one of the most beautiful known lakes in the province and is visited by tourists from all over the country. The view of Mayon Volcano from this lake is what attracts people from everywhere, making this lake a must-see not just for locals but also for tourists. The lake is surrounded by a nature park which makes it perfect place to visit with your family. You can also have a picnic here or rent a boat if you wish to have fun on the lake.


Albay has a number of rivers and creeks where you can go rafting and fishing in season. They offer a thrilling experience and some of these excursions include going down deep caves, crossing through underground and zip lining. If you’re one of those travelers who would rather try river surfing than the usual sight-seeing, check out the Jovellar underground river in Camalig and Kabakab River of Mt. Malinao in Malinao.


Caramoan in Camarines Sur

How about leaving your cares behind, forgetting about work or school worries, and going out to the wilderness to hike? Hiking mountains and hills in Albay is a great way to experience the province. Hiking for a day is not just an adventure but it is a whole day of bonding with nature and spending time with friends and loved ones.

The list below has only a few of the mountains or hills that can be hiked in Albay. Get ready with your hiking outfit, especially with your hiking boots!

  • Hobbit Hill
  • Mt. Masaraga
  • Quitinday Hill
  • Kawa-Kawa Hill
  • Lignon Hill
  • Oma-Oma Hills

ATV Rides

Caramoan in Camarines Sur

Are you thirsty for adventure? Do you enjoy rough terrains and adrenaline-pumping action? If your answer is yes — you need to book your ATV ride while you are in Albay! Riding an ATV in Albay is fun and exciting. It allows you to have exhilarating experiences with the great outdoors and offers an adventure that can’t be replaced by any other activity especially when you are getting closer to the Mayon Volcano following its lava trail. Well-known ATV rides can be found in Barangay Busay, Daraga‎, ‎Albay where the Cagsawa Ruins is located.


Caramoan in Camarines Sur

A roadtrip going around Albay reveals the hidden gems of fine sand, volcanic landscapes, long bridges, and ancestral towns to name a few. The best road trips aren’t guided, they’re the ones that traverse off-the-beaten-path. An endless array of roads and trails greets you in Albay. The province is home to a still unexplored frontier teeming with adventures and breathtaking views from different by-pass roads, highlands, eskinitas, and the main highways of the province. Just make sure you bring your road trip essentials and snacks.

Say Hello to the Animals!

Aguas' Farm

If you want to see different types of animals and plants, you must take a clear tour of Albay Park Wild Life. if you are looking for mini zoos, Aguas’ Farm is located in Fidel Surtida, Sto. Domingo Albay. These two zoological garden is the perfect place to have a picnic with family or friends. The fun part of both attractions is that you can pet and feed the animals!

Go Back to History With the Ancestral Houses

Aguas' Farm

Ancestral houses have been a part of the culture for centuries offering a useful link with the past. Albay has ancestral houses that offer the public a window into their own family history – some are owned privately and others are put on tours for public exploration. These dwellings are connected with stories of family lives, births, deaths, and hardships faced over the years.

Here are some of the ancestral houses that we can recommend you should pay a visit:

  • Casa Simeon in Bacacay Albay
  • Cimburrio and Angela Manalang Gloria Ancestral House in Tabaco City
  • The Nuyda House in Camalig Albay

Be Amazed By the Old Caves

Aguas' Farm

All around Albay, there are limestone caves and some have historical value and have been used as shelter by people during war time. Albay’s caves are also eco-tourism sites offering fresh air, clean water, and a sight to behold. If you want to see nature in its rawest form; if you want challenges in caves that have turned dark because they lack the light of the sun for years, this list can surely fulfill your desire for adventure!

  • Balungis Cave – Daraga Albay
  • Big Dome Cave – Jovellar Albay
  • Bulalacao Cave – Pio Duran Albay
  • Cagbulacao Cave – Bacacay Albay
  • Calabidongan Cave – Camalig Albay
  • Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave – Camalig Albay
  • Lingaw Cave – Libon Albay
  • Lumimbot Cave – Guinobatan Albay
  • Malipo Cave – Guinobatan Albay
  • Mancao Cave – Rapu-Rapu Albay
  • Mataas Cave – Bacacay Albay
  • Milaos Cave – Daraga Albay
  • Minaroso Cave – Rapu-Rapu Albay
  • Ola Cave – Daraga Albay
  • Pighulugan Cave A – Bacacay Albay
  • Pototan Cave – Rapu-Rapu Albay
  • Quitinday Cave – Jovellar Albay
  • San Ramon Cave – Libon Albay
  • Silay Cave – Jovellar Albay
  • Taqui Cave – Tiwi Albay

Participate in Making Handicrafts and Native Products


In Albay, there are different places where you can have hands-on experience in making their own craft, jewelry, fabrics and even food. Yes! Tourists could get a chance to venture how the locals make handicrafts and native products in some municipalities. The seller will show you how the local indigenous people make it and you can choose which one will you like experience from making and you can bring this product home as a souvenir. Cool, right?

Visit Old Cathedrals and Churches

Mayon Volcano at Daraga Church

Who says your travel has to always be the latest, hottest, and most happening of places? This list is the winner of our own personal search for old cathedrals and churches that were remnants of an older age in the cities and towns of Albay. If you are interested in having a more culturally-grounded trip or just want to spend some time away from the usual tourist trips, then here’s your list:

  • St. Dominic de Guzman Church, Sto. Domingo Albay
  • Our Lady of the Gate Parish Church, Daraga Albay
  • San Juan De Bautista, Tabaco City
  • San Lorenzo Church, Tiwi Albay
  • San Gregorio Magno Cathedral, Legazpi City
  • St. Raphael Church, Legazpi City
  • St John the Baptist, Camalig Albay
  • Our Lady of the Assumption, Guinobatan Albay
  • St. Stephen the Protomartyr Church, Ligao City
  • St. Michael the Archangel Church, Oas
  • St. Peter and Paul Church, Polangui
  • St. Rose of Lima Church, Bacacay
  • Our Lady of Salvation Shrine, Joroan, Tiwi

Enjoy the Fresh Air at Nature Parks

Breathtaking sceneries of nature and fresh air while being greeted by koi fishes, playful dragonflies and butterflies are just some of the benefits you can get from visiting some nature parks in Albay. Albay is gifted of its amazingly beautiful and diverse nature. Is it a surprise that nature parks in Albay are included in the list of the best tourist destinations? If you’re looking for escape from the metro and a place where you can be one with nature, Albay nature parks have it in spades.

  • Hiraya Manawari Nature Park – Tabaco City
  • Mirisbiris Botanical Garden and Nature Center – Sto. Domingo Albay
    Cagraray Eco Park – Bacacay Albay
  • Seventy-Six Farm – Legazpi City
  • Bambusetum Park – Ligao City
  • El Miro De Shei – Camalig Albay
  • Cagsawa Ruins – Daraga Albay
  • Villa Miranda Farm and Resort – Libon Albay

Eat Fresh Seafood and Buko on Beaches

Ginataang Labong and Ginataang Ubod

Taste the best grilled seafood and fresh buko (coconut water) on beaches while enjoying with your friends and family. Beaches in Albay are filled with bays, coves, lagoons, and other bodies of water teeming with aquatic wildlife such as fish, crabs, mollusks, shrimps, etc. And drinking water from a freshly picked coconut is one thing you should never miss when you do island hopping!

Buy ‘Pasalubong’ (Souvenir) Items

Ginataang Labong and Ginataang Ubod

Pasalubong is the Filipino word for “souvenirs”. It is originally a Tagalog word which means a gift or a token of remembrance. They are typically given as gifts to visitors, but can also fill other social functions. These days, pasalubong items have become commercialized and come in a wide variety of forms, from key chains to shot glasses and fridge magnets. However, some people still prefer good old fashioned taste of pasalubongs that are made from local products. You can find both kinds in all main terminals in Albay and in Pasalubong Centers that can be found in malls and most of the tourist destinations.

After a long day of trying almost everything here on our list, of course, you would want to spend your night relaxing and still enjoying to feel the ambiance of sleeping in the province. You can experience the following if you choose a natively built accommodation:

  • Watch the fireflies play around in the dark
  • Listen to the crickets at night
  • Relax at the sound of the rain pouring on the rooftop of your transient house.

Albay is a remarkable discovery for me–a place I imagine experiencing repeatedly. I hope this blog helps you plan your trip so that you can enjoy Albay too!

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the must-visit tourist spots in Albay?

Albay is known for its scenic landscapes, rich culture, and adventure activities. Some of the must-visit tourist spots in the province include Mayon Volcano, Cagsawa Ruins, Hoyop-Hoyopan Cave, Quitinday Hills, and Legazpi Boulevard.

How can I get to Albay?

The most common way to get to Albay is by taking a flight to Legazpi City, which has an airport that serves domestic flights from Manila and other major cities in the Philippines. You can also take a bus or drive from Manila or other nearby provinces to Albay.

What is the best time to visit Albay?

The best time to visit Albay is during the dry season, which typically runs from November to April. The weather is generally pleasant during this time, and there are fewer chances of typhoons and heavy rains.

What are the popular dishes in Albay?

Albay is known for its spicy cuisine, with many dishes featuring the region’s famous chili peppers. Some popular dishes include Bicol Express (pork cooked in coconut milk and chili peppers), laing (taro leaves cooked in coconut milk), and pinangat (fish or meat cooked in taro leaves and coconut milk). Other must-try dishes include kinunot (shark meat cooked in coconut milk and spices) and sili ice cream (chili pepper-flavored ice cream).

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