When you hear the place Batangas, for sure you will automatically think about the beautiful beaches, mountains, and Taal lake the place is well-known for. But did you know that  Batangas is also famous for its delicious delicacies, local dishes, embroidery, and handcrafted products?

If you’re too busy and don’t have time to have a vacation for yourself, these local products will somehow give you the relaxation that you’re looking for. Relieve your stress by eating their delicious foods, and drinking their famous local alcohol which will probably help you to clear your mind. Tasting their sweet and yummy treats and having their beautiful products that Batangenios locally make. So If you’re into it, go on and scroll down to read more.

Here are the Batangas Products you should try buying online or include on your list when visiting the province.

Key Takeaway

Batangas offers different varieties of products that you will surely enjoy and appreciate. Some products are available online but some products can only be found when you visit Batangas. 

Listed below are the famous products of Batangas that you should include in your must-try list:

  • Kapeng Barako
  • Lambanog
  • Golden Clover – Honey
  • Bagoong Balayan
  • Atcharang Calaca
  • Panutsa
  • Tablea Tsokolate
  • Sumang Magkayakap
  • Longanisang Taal
  • Tapang Taal
  • Tinapa
  • Adobong Dilaw
  • Sinigang na Maliputo
  • Batangas Goto
  • Balisong
  • Burdang Taal

Food Products

Kapeng Barako

One of the famous products of Batangas is Kapeng Barako; they are dubbed to be the Kapeng Barako Capital of the Philippines. The strong taste of this coffee will surely give you 100 percent of energy throughout your day.

Kapeng Barako

But did you know that Kapeng Barako is not just used as a coffee mixture? Some spas in Batangas use this as a scrub to exfoliate their skin with the help of other regiments. Even in households, they often use it to remove odor in their refrigerator for an instant deodorant. Coffee indeed gives a lot of benefits and usage in our life. The reason why Batangas is very blessed to have this kind of riches.


Batangas are not just known for coffee lovers but also heavy alcohol drinkers because of their famous Lambanog products. San Juan, Batangas is rich in having lots of coconut trees, the reason why local farmers decided to create alcoholic drinks out of it, hence the birth of Lambanog.

The people in the province of San Juan normally climb coconut trees to get coconut sap. The coconut sap will be under the process of fermentation for a couple of months until it becomes Tuba. After that, the Tuba will undergo distillation until it becomes Lambanog.  It is a long process that needs lots of patience. But it will be worthwhile as they said because this Lambanog product from Batangas contains a higher percentage of alcohol content that is said to be around 80 to 90% proof. Heavy for heavy drinkers but a nightmare for light weighed ones.

In the local market, you can buy Lambanog in different flavors with different price ranges. If you visit the town, be sure to get a taste of it. It will surely be worth trying.

Golden Clover – Honey

If you’re looking for authentic honey syrup that is made of 100 percent honey, you must try this product from Golden Clover Bee Farm!

They have these famous honey bee jars that they sell on their farm. Different sizes of containers that you can choose based on your preference. You can also enjoy experiencing the privilege of getting the honey bee on your own. They open their farm to the public that wants to visit the place. Check their Facebook account if you’re interested and want to experience it yourself. Getting a honey bee is one for the books, so be sure to pay a visit when you go to Lipa, Batangas. 


Bagoong Balayan

Indian Mango is not complete if you didn’t pair it with Bagoong, but have you tried the well-known Bagoong of Batangas? If you still haven’t, be sure to try this Bagoong Balayan when you visit the province of Batangas.

bagoong balayan

This product has two different varieties; the Special Bagoong Balayan, which is made out of Dilis, and the Original Bagoong Balayan which is made of Galunggong. Both undergo the same process of fermentation, usually around 4 to 6 months before they produce a delicious Bagoong. The only difference is the taste of the fish they used.

You can also pair this delicious Bagoong Balayan with some of the fish dishes or in Kare-Kare. This product can pair with lots of recipes and other foods that you can enjoy. Just be sure that you’re not allergic to this kind of seafood and you’re good to go!

Atcharang Calaca

One of the famous appetizers in the Philippines is Atchara, which is originally produced in the town of Calaca, Batangas. They celebrated the festival of Calacatchara in their town. You can say that most of the locals in this province know how to prepare Atchara. Some of them have it as their business for a living.

Like the original Atchara, it is made out of a mixture of different vegetables such as carrots, onion, red bell pepper, and green papaya. After putting it in a container with vinegar and other ingredients they undergo the process of fermentation, which means that they will leave it for a day or two before serving it on a plate.

Many locals in Batangas sell this product but you can also have it through online shops. And if you love cooking, you can try it on your own by following the procedures online. Very easy to follow and the ingredients are easy to find.


If you have a sweet tooth and love eating sweet desserts, you must try this famous delicacy of Batangas!
Panutsa is made of caramelized brown sugar and peanuts that are usually circled in shape. They said that this is their version of the peanut brittle. If you’re planning to have it, be sure to have strong teeth as these Panutsa are hard to bite!

You can have it in any pasalubong center around the province or purchase it online.

Tablea Tsokolate

Batangas produces the best Cacao Tablea in the country. In fact, it is considered one of their famous delicacies.

During the colonial era of the Philippines, Spaniards often drink hot chocolate tablea on special occasions. Since then, other provinces adopted this tradition, most special the province of Batangas.


 It is a chocolate bar that is made from Cocoa that is usually melted in a hot water that serves to be a chocolate drink. It is perfect to drink in the morning breeze while having your breakfast. Also, an alternative to coffee as this also serves as an energizer. So be sure to have your pack of Tablea Tsokolate for you to experience the delicious tradition of Batangas.

Sumang Magkayakap

It is a widely known Suman in the Philippines that originated in the city of Tanauan, Batangas.

Two wraps of sticky rice that hug each other. The reason why it is called Sumang Magkayakap is that it describes the appearance of the delicacy. Suman means sticky rice, and Magkayakap means hugging each other. And like the usual procedure of cooking a Suman, it is wrapped in banana leaf and steamed in boiling water until cooked.

When you visit the town, be sure to have it as your meryenda and pair it with chocolate dip and a hot coffee. Delicious delicacies that you will surely love!

Longganisang Taal

Another food to try on in Batangas is their very own Longganisang Taal.

They said that it’s tastier compared to other Longganisas because they actually inserted the pork meat into a dried pork intestine. They even marinated the pork into their own recipe which makes it more tender and juicy. Mouthwatering as they say!

You can buy it in their local markets and even buy it online, there are shops that sell Longganisang Taal that are ready to cook.

Tapang Taal

There are different versions of Tapa in the Philippines but this Tapang Taal of Batangas is the top-tier of all.

Tapang Taal is following the usual process of preparing a Tapa but makes it stand out because the taste of the meat is well-marinated. You can really taste all the ingredients used that are very delicious and mouthwatering.

This Tapang Taal is served in many local restaurants in Batangas, but you can also have a taste of it when you buy the ready-to-cook version of Tapang Taal.


Tinapa originated in the City of Batangas and celebrated its festival in the town of Lemery every May 14. This famous delicacy is widely known in the Philippines as an affordable dish to have.

It undergoes a smoking procedure that makes it tastier and has a natural saltiness. Many Filipino have it as their breakfast paired with a sunny-side-up egg, tomatoes, and garlic rice. You can buy it in a local market nationwide but buying it where it originated is another thing, so be sure to add it to your must-try list.

Adobong Dilaw

Usually, Adobo has a black sauce because of its main ingredient, soy sauce. But did you know that in Batangas, their adobo is in color yellow? Yes, they call it Adobong Dilaw.

Adobong Dilaw of Batangas are following the original recipe of Adobo, the only difference is that they are using turmeric and cane vinegar instead of white vinegar. Because of this, it becomes spicier in flavor and extra tasteful as the usual Adobo. Perfectly paired with rice during lunch or dinner!

This dish is available in some restaurants in the province of Batangas. But if you love cooking and want to learn how it has been done, you can check online on how it is cooked and have it in your own way.


Sinigang na Maliputo

Sinigang is one of the famous Filipino dishes that is usually served in every household, but in Batangas, they have this so-called Sinigang na Maliputo which is delicious and has an extraordinary sourness.

This dish is owned by Batangenios as the main ingredient, Maliputo fish is only found in Taal lake. They also have a festival to celebrate called Maliputo Festival every August 9. You will surely need a bowl of extra rice when you eat this famous dish so be sure to have extra room for your stomach when you visit the provide of Taal. But if you want to taste if and do it on your own, you can cook it by following recipes online.

Batangas Goto

The last food product of Batangas is their famous Batangas Goto.

Not the ordinary Goto that has rice as its ingredient, this Batangas Goto is more like a soup than a porridge. They also added lots of chopped garlic and green onion which makes it tastier. It is also simpler to cook than the usual Goto but it takes time to make the innards tender. This dish is perfect for cold weather and if you’re craving hot soup to eat during lunch or dinner.

Try this Batangas Goto when you visit the town of Lipa or you can cook it in the comfort of your kitchen by following the recipes online. It will give you the feeling of being in Batangas yourself.



Feel the Batangas and be a true Batangueno if you buy this famous product, Balisong.

This product is usually used as a safety weapon that you can bring anywhere with you. It is a knife that you can fold and put into your pocket. Very handy and convenient. It has many versions and different designs and styles to choose from. Balisong is not just locally known but also got international recognition. It has been featured many times in foreign action movies as a special weapon of either the villain or the main character. Definitely, a world-class product. Some tourists collected it for memorabilia when they visit the town.

Burdang Taal

If you have a keen eye for fashion and appreciate the beauty of gowns and embroideries, Burdang Taal is definitely for you!

Traditionally, locals of Taal, Batangas did this long and painful process of creating a loom from scratch through centuries, up until today. They weave the pineapple fiber into a loom that is used in creating a cloth. They also embroider different designs that they sell in the local towns. Today, this process is passed on through generations and become a source of income for the locals of Taal, Batangas. 

You can buy these handcrafted products if you visit the town.

And that is the Batangas Products that you should try and have when you visit the province. Enjoy and taste every bit of it, making your travel worthwhile!

Frequently Ask Questions

What are the must-visit tourist spots in Batangas?

Must-visit tourist spots in Batangas include Taal Volcano, Calatagan Beaches, Laiya Beach, Mt. Maculot, and Anilao for diving and snorkeling.

How do I get to Batangas from Manila?

You can get to Batangas from Manila by bus, private car, or van. The most common route is taking a bus from terminals like Buendia or Cubao bound for Batangas City or other specific destinations within the province.

Can you recommend any local delicacies or food specialties in Batangas?

Batangas is famous for its local delicacies such as bulalo (beef marrow soup), lomi (thick noodle soup), and tawilis (a type of freshwater fish). Don’t miss trying these local specialties!

Is it safe to travel to Batangas?

Batangas is generally considered safe for travelers, but it’s always advisable to take necessary precautions like being aware of your surroundings and following basic safety guidelines.

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