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Davao Activities

Davao Activities

Are you planning to take a vacation in one of the famous regions in Mindanao? Wondering what activities to do during your stay in Davao? Well, fret...

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Top Davao Foods

Top Davao Foods

Tasting food from different places is like knowing their culture in its deepest form. What they served on the table describes their lifestyle and...

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Top Davao Tourist Spots

Top Davao Tourist Spots

Davao is the third largest city in the Philippines. Despite the fact that their population is growing each year, they maintain their spot as one of...

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Davao Hotels

Davao Hotels

If you’re planning to travel, heading to the Mindanao region; exploring their culture, and visiting some of the best tourist spots in the province,...

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Travel Review: Boracay Island

Travel Review: Boracay Island

For most extroverts, Boracay is the place to go for its stunning white beaches, thrilling water activities, and eXciting nightlife. But what if you are an introvert? Shall you pursue your vacation to Boracay?

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