I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed and finding a restaurant near Obando Church to dine in when I saw the Big Dadi’s Grill and Restaurant. They got 18-thousand Facebook likes and are very active in posting their content to promote their food place. I was impressed and got famished just by looking at those photos that they are sharing. I’m planning to attend the Obando Festival and witness the Fertility Dance, so I decided to give them a try! Without me knowing, this will become my WORST experience to date. Wanna know the reason why? Scroll down and let me tell you a story.

Review in a Nutshell

  • Food Quality 75% 75%
  • Service 40% 40%
  • Interior and Exterior Design 55% 55%
  • Ambiance 60% 60%
  • Cleanliness 50% 50%
  • Value for Money 70% 70%

The BIG Dadi’s Grill and Restaurant

I arrived at Big Dadi’s Grill and Restaurant around 2 in the afternoon. Originally, my plan was to be there at 12 PM but because of the heavy traffic that I encountered on the way, I arrived late.

There were 3 groups of people who were dining in when I arrived. All of them are having a Samgyupsal that I assumed is their best seller. Was about to order and try their Samgyupsal as well, but one of the staff said that it’s only for 2 people and above. They are not offering it for a solo diner. I just said “Okay” and proceeded to order other foods on their menu. Wasn’t a big deal for me to be honest. While scanning their menu table, what caught my eye is the Ramen Bulalo. I haven’t tried a Ramen Bulalo in my life, it sounds like a unique combination for me, so why not try it for once? I also ordered a shrimp tempura and a larger Lemonade for a refreshment. A woman took my order and left me in my seat without anything on my table. Even a glass of water.

30 minutes had passed, just observing and watching the Gento Music Video by SB19 on my phone, and still haven’t received any of my orders. There’s no aircon around, only an electric fan, and unknown music in the background that gives no help to entertain me. I was a bit pissed while waiting for my orders. There are lots of staff, wearing their uniform, who are just sitting behind me. No one even tried to give me a glass of water to drink or ask me anything that I needed. They are just there… sitting.

After minutes of waiting, just entertaining myself by scrolling through Twitter, the Ramen Bulalo finally arrived. The man apologized for serving it late. I just smiled and hid my irritation. They gave me a glass of ice but no water in it or even a pitcher! I observed other tables, and they have a pitcher in them. I felt like I’m not a priority at all. Is it because I’m alone? But that shouldn’t be a reason to treat me like this, I’m a customer as well. Their service was the worst!

I breathed in all of my irritation and started eating the food they served. I would say, It’s tasty compared to other Bulalos that I tasted. The noodles were a bit overcooked but they tasted just fine to my liking. The serving was for 2 to 4 people. It’s too much for a solo diner like myself. I didn’t expect that they were serving this much for two hundred pesos. I could say this food place is good for a group of people and not for a solo eater.

Bulalo Ramen – 279 pesos

Ramen Bulalo

It was 3 PM in the afternoon when I decided to stop eating and accept the fact that there was no way I’d finish this big bowl of Bulalo in front of me. My tummy was bursting already! While sitting and waiting for my tummy to calm down, I realized that my Ebi Tempura still wasn’t there! I raised my hand and asked one of the staff, “Where’s my Ebi Shrimp Tempura?“. And he just looked at me as if he was not aware that I ordered Ebi Shrimp Tempura! He called the lady who took my order and confirmed it. It pisses me off, big time! They are not tracking down my orders. The man apologized AGAIN and said that it is just easy to make and will take only a minute. Which is not helping at all! They don’t care about my presence, I’m a customer but they just treat me as if I wasn’t there.

After a minute, the Ebi Shrimp Tempura arrived with mayonnaise to dip in. The man said his apologies once again and left. I’m already full so I just took 4 to 5 bites. Pairing it with mayonnaise is great. It’s crunchy but tasted just normal. Nothing unique, just normal finger food to eat.

Ebi Tempura (plain solo) – 289 pesos

Ebi Shrimp Tempura

It was almost 4 PM when I decided to leave. I raised my hand and asked to take out all the remaining foods that I ordered, then I realized that they didn’t serve my Lemonade! I asked the man who was serving me, “I ordered a Large Lemonade and didn’t receive it, where is it?”. And AGAIN the man apologized and said that he will just take it out together with my remaining food. I just closed my eyes and calmed myself down. This is the WORST restaurant service that I’ve ever experienced! I’m not gonna come back again to this restaurant, I said to myself. 

I leave the food place with 2 plastics in my hand, including the large Lemonade that I ordered. Still got lots of things to do, fertility dance is not yet started and I needed to hold this bunch of food with me all throughout the day. What an experience! Take note of the sarcasm in it.

Over-all Rating

I’m giving BIG Dadi’s Grill and Restaurant Obando a 2 out of 5 stars. The service was really bad, I hope they improved it; no discrimination whether you’re a solo diner or in a group. Treat all your customers the same and give them the best restaurant service that could offer. When it comes to food, they are great!  I felt like there are lots of delicious food to discover on their menu that I haven’t tried yet. 

Fertility Dance at Obando

I took a stroll around the area. Trying to enjoy the situation despite what happened. There are lots of stalls around with a variety of items and foods to offer for a very affordable price. It’s been a while since the last time that I went to a tyange so I bought myself some items to use like slippers and a small handmade wallet. Small happiness that uplifts my mood. I also went to a pasalubong stall with some of my favorite goodies: Peanut brittle, Otap, Banana Chips and many more! They have a promo where you can pick 3 different items for only 100 pesos. I bought 200 pesos worth of pasalubong for my family and friends.

Obando Bulacan

After that little shopping agenda, I went to Obando Church and decided to use my remaining time to observe and take some photos. While sitting, a mid-aged man, sitting beside me, started a conversation. He asked me if I’m here for the fertility dance and if I already have a husband. I just laughed and said that I’m here for my blog and I’m still young to get married. Which is the truth, by the way. He told me lots of stories about the festival and that there are lots of people who can attest that the Fertility Dance is really miraculous; giving miracles to those who’re loyal in patronizing the three saints of Obando.

When those believers started to dance the fertility ritual, I don’t know why I suddenly became emotional and felt the urge to cry. I was teary-eyed while taking pictures and videos. Maybe because I can see in their eyes the willingness and the desperation to have a child. Some of them are in their mid-aged, but some of them still look young. Some are with their partners, some are dancing alone. But because of their faith, their destiny intertwined and brought all of them to this exact place. Dancing and praying– all wanted to bear a child. Being in that spot, hearing stories, and seeing people full of faith, was a life-changing experience for me. 

After a long day, I went home feeling so tired. But at the same time, happy and satisfied. While reflecting, I realized that sometimes we tend to take everything we had for granted. We’re blessed even though sometimes we feel like everything is not turning into our favor. This day is not perfect as I expected it to be. But traveling alone, learning new things, talking to someone, and hearing their stories. Just simply being in touch with reality is an experience that I will never forget!


Obando was located near Valenzuela and Malabon. As someone who used to live near the area, I automatically thought of going to Monumento and finding transportation that will bring me to Obando. So that’s what I did!

I started my little voyage around 10 in the morning, I rode a bus from Sta. Maria, Bulacan heading to Monumento. Tickets cost 60 pesos per head. (Monumento is the last stop of the bus so you’ll eventually know when you’re already at your destination). From the bus drop-off, I took a 3-minute walk to Victory Mall and rode the Hulo jeepney. Just said to the driver that you will be dropped off at Obando Church and you’re good! The ride only cost 26 pesos. I went there during fiesta so I already expected a lot of traffic on the way. They also blocked the streets for the parade and for all the stalls so It’s hard to find transportation around.

It gives me a headache on the way home. I walked for almost 15 minutes to the jeepney stop, only to find out that there was still no jeepney available. After minutes of waiting, hoping that the jeepney will arrive anytime soon, I lost it and decided to just ride a tricycle heading to Polo, Valenzuela. It cost me 70 pesos for a solo trip. Expensive compared to riding a jeepney. But the darkness is already on its way to invade the sky and I don’t want to stay there ’till night. I don’t know the place and I’m traveling alone this time, so for my safety, I took the bait. After that, I rode a bus again heading to Sta. Maria, Bulacan (Ticket: 60 pesos) and a solo tricycle for 80 pesos heading to Pandi. Thankfully, I went home safe and sound.

Transportation Summary:

When you’re from Manila:

      • Ride a jeepney heading to Monumento – 12 pesos
      • Ride a jeepney heading to Hulo and tell the driver that you’ll drop off at Obando Church – 26 pesos.
      • OPTIONAL: Ride a Sidecar heading to BIG Dadi’s Grill and Restaurant – 25 pesos (or walk if you know the way)

When you’re from Bulacan:

      • Ride a bus from Sta. Maria, Bulacan heading to Monumento – 60 pesos
      • Ride a jeepney heading to Hulo and tell the driver that you’ll drop off at Obando Church – 26 pesos.
      • OPTIONAL: Ride a Sidecar heading to BIG Dadi’s Grill and Restaurant – 25 pesos (or walk if you know the way)

What about you? Challenge yourself as I did. Get that bag of yours and explore the world on your own!

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She loves traveling with her friends…and soon on her own. Coffee is her first love and dreams to taste every coffee in the world.

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