The Home of Delicious Ribs in Bulacan – Kalye Mabini

While searching through TripAdvisor to find the Best Restaurant in Malolos, this resto-catering is one of the most highly recommended and most-talked-about restos in the city. Even on my social media accounts, some of my friends on social media talked about how good their foods are! It made me curious and I wanted to know what the hype was all about. So join me on this trip and know if Kalye Mabini really lives up to the name – the Home of Delicious Ribs in Bulacan!

Review in a Nutshell

  • Food Quality 90% 90%
  • Service 75% 75%
  • Interior and Exterior Design 90% 90%
  • Ambiance 80% 80%
  • Cleanliness 80% 80%
  • Value for Money 75% 75%

On the way to Kalye Mabini

Kalye Mabini

Even though my family is now residing at Pandi in Bulacan, this province is still a stranger to me. Since we first lived here around 2020, we haven’t traveled that much. Because of that, going to Malolos is a new experience for me to try.

Going there, I would say, is not as hard as I expected. There are lots of transportation that will link you to Robinsons Place Malolos, which is a few blocks away from Kalye Mabini. If you’re just around Bulacan and you want to visit the resto, here’s the recommended transportation for you:

      • Ride a jeep going to Malolos and drop off at Robinsons Place Malolos
      • Ride a jeep going to Bayan Diretso and drop off at Kalye Mabini

If you’re from Manila, here’s the recommended transportation for you:

      • Ride a Point-to-point Bus at Trinoma going to Malolos
      • Ride a jeep going to Bayan Diretso and drop off at Kalye Mabini

I only spent 51 pesos on my one-way trip from Pandi Bulacan to Kalye Mabini. And only cost 112 pesos if you’re from Manila. But one thing you need to take note of while traveling is to always bring bottled water and a portable fan with you! I failed on this part when I traveled so don’t be like me.

The Resto

Kalye Mabini is a two-storey resto-cathering. At first glance, you will think it is just a normal house but it isn’t. The first floor of the resto is dedicated to Art and Music and the second floor is the Resto and Catering. They’re open every day from 11 AM to 8 PM. 

About Kalye Mabini

I decided to have my lunch in Kalye Mabini so I arrived around 1 PM. When I entered, there was only a group of 4 people at the table enjoying their food and a woman on the counter doing some stuff on her laptop. I expected that the woman would greet me and ask me anything I wanted but she remained quiet and let me be not until I settled to find a table and asked for a menu.

There’s an aircon and a ceiling fan that are enough to beat the heat outside which is a big plus for me because it’s so hot traveling on the way here. Chill music is also playing in the background which serves as entertainment while waiting for my food to arrive. I also loved the songs that they were playing because I know some of them and I enjoyed listening to them. 

When I regained my energy I started observing the interior of the resto. It is a combination of white and black and has a touch of wooden design. They also put artificial plants that make it more relaxing to the eye. I would say the ambiance is so chill and relaxing and the color palette is very Instagram-worthy.

Food Review

I ordered lots of foods that made my tummy so full. I already planned what I would order even before I arrived so I ordered very quickly. They have a website where you can check their menu so you can do budgeting before visiting the resto. They also accept food panda delivery, just visit their Facebook account or order through their official website at

It takes them 15 to 20 minutes to serve the food. And as expected, they served it newly cooked, but because I took some photos first It’s not that hot anymore when I eat them haha.


KM Salad – 90 pesos

KM Salad

First to eat as the starter is their KM Salad. I love the combination of lettuce, cucumber, and peanut brittle on top! Didn’t expect that peanut brittle would be a perfect topping in a salad. The dressing is also great. It gives a lot of flavor to the salad. For its price of 90 pesos, I would say that it’s affordable and sulit. Definitely will order it again when I come back.


Carbonara – 199


The carbonara is creamy and cheesy. The bacon on the top is the best thing together with the mushroom. But as someone who can cook carbonara at home, I would say that this carbonara is not the best carbonara that I tasted. There’s not much new to the taste as well as the ingredients used. I’m also sad that the two slices of bread are not garlic bread, which for me is perfect to pair with carbonara.


Baked Tahong – 263 pesos

Baked Tahong

This one is highly recommended, people on Instagram are raving to have it and I would say that they are all telling the truth! It’s delicious, cheesy, and presented very well. The mussels are all fresh and taste very good!


Lomo Ribs (sharing) – 490 pesos

KM Lomo Ribs

It is a must to order the very famous Lomo Ribs of Kalye Mabini! It was presented very well with a bowl of corn bits. When I first tasted it, I just closed my eyes and savored the delicious food in my mouth. The sauce is so flavorful. The meat is so tender that you can’t stop eating them. You can pair it with rice, but I prefer eating without it. Having the title of being the home of delicious ribs in Bulacan is a well-deserved title. I would say that Kalye Mabini’s Lomo Ribs is top-tier!


Square Turon – 54 pesos

Square Turon

And of course, after all the delicious dishes, you can’t leave the place without ordering one of their desserts and Square Turon is one of those. The milk and the power is the main character in this dessert. The banana in this Turon is so thin, I feel like I’m only eating the fried wrapper. It’s good but not something that I would recommend.

Overall Experience and Recommendation

As a first-time customer, I enjoyed eating the food. The ambiance of the resto is also great. The location is easy to find and very accessible because it’s located in front of the street. If I could recommend food to order, Lomo Ribs is the only food that I think lives up to my expectations. I don’t know if it’s because that’s their specialty that’s why they made it very delicious. If I will give Kalye Mabini a rating that would be 3.5 stars.

Added Adventure in Malolos

After eating in Kalye Mabini I decided to extend my travel and visit some of the tourist places in Malolos that are also included in my Things To Do In Bulacan article!

One jeep away from Kalye Mabini and you’re already in front of the famous and historic cathedral in the country, the Barasoain Church. When I arrived there was a wedding ceremony. I watched for a while and was mesmerized by how beautiful love looks like.  After taking a few photos, just a walking distance from the church located the Museo ng Republika ng 1899 and Museo ng Kasaysayan ng Pampulitika ng Pilipinas. I took lots of photos and learned more about the history there! I really enjoyed visiting to museums and always been fascinated by our history and the story behind our culture.

Bulacan is known for having delicious kakanins and desserts. So before ending my trip, I decided to stop by the famous pasalubong spot in Malolos – Citang’s Eatery. They are selling lots of famous kakanins and goodies that you can buy for a friendly budget. I bought Palitaw which has a yema and ube filling, a delicious kakanin that you should try when you visit Malolos. After buying and taking some photos, I rode a tricycle back to Robinson’s Place and ended my Malolos trip with a full tummy and lots of memories to treasure!

Visit Malolos, Bulacan, and start your adventure in these historic places with lots of delicious food and restaurant to choose from. Truly, a Northern Getaway from Manila!

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She loves traveling with her friends…and soon on her own. Coffee is her first love and dreams to taste every coffee in the world.

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