Creepy stories, horror movies, haunted places, and the cold breezy night of November are around the corner. Are you one of those people who love this season? Or this is your worst nightmare?

Filipinos love to hear horror stories. Mythical creatures like Tikbalang and Aswang or Supernatural entities that we often heard from our great-grandmother who said that she experienced and encountered a ghost in their hometown. Or even simply reading horror stories and experiences online. The adrenaline rush of being scared is sometimes what we’re looking for.

This year, maybe you want to make your Halloween extra thrilling? Ghost haunt with your friends and experience the horror stories on your own. Level up your travel by going to these 10 Most Haunted Places in the Philippines!

Key Takeaway:

Different places have their own different haunted stories to tell. Asking you to create your own horror stories firsthand. In these places, some require the visitors to pay an entrance fee. But in some places, you can visit and have a tour for free. 

Experience the thrill, fun, and adrenaline rush that you’re looking for this Halloween by going to these places:

        • Echo Valley
        • Corregidor Island
        • Laperal White House
        • Vega Ancestral House
        • Teacher’s Camp
        • Bahay na Pula
        • Clark Air Base Hospital
        • Balete Drive
        • Intramuros
        • Diplomat Hotel

Echo Valley – Sagada, Mountain Province

Eco Valley Sagada

Sagada is known to be the go-to place if you want to do mount climbing or soul searching because of its beautiful mountains and sceneries. But did you know that this place also has a dark side?

Just a 20-minute down trek to Echo Valley, you will be on the top where the hanging coffin is located. Creepy as it seems, these coffins are from local people that have a higher ranking in the society they belong. The locals believed that hanging the coffin is making the dead nearer to the Lord. They also put chairs and hang them so that their died love ones can have a rest on their afterlife journey. Some of them are also in a fetal position as the representation of new life. Because of these stories, many people try to do ghost hunting around the place. Some of them said that they experienced unexplainable things when they visited this place.

You can have a tour guide with you who helps you find the exact place where the hanging coffin is located. But be cautious as these coffins are not a tourist destination, it is part of the tradition of the local people in Sagada.

Corregidor Island – Manila Bay

Corregidor Island

Known for being the “Island of Corrector”, this is where all the ships that entered Manila Bay were inspected. Old structures and buildings are seen on this island. You can also visit the Malinta Tunnel said to be a historical tunnel that was built during World War II. Because of the old and historical brutal memories, this place become one of the most haunted places in the Philippines.

The destroyed buildings, old trees, and the sound of the bay near the area make Corregidor scarier. Looking at the place and thinking about the stories behind them; the blood from militaries who fought in World War II. The shrill cry of innocent people, and how they died in this exact place will surely give you goosebumps.

This place is open every Tuesday and Wednesday only. The ferry that brings every visitor to Corregidor Island usually leaves the coast at 2:30 PM so be sure to be there before it leaves. They only accept a very limited number of visitors every day. You can also book your hotel at Corregidor Hostel or MacArthur’s Lodge.

Laperal White House – Baguio

Laperal White House

This house from the Laperal Clan was occupied by Japanese soldiers back in World War II in the Philippines. They imprisoned and tortured Filipino soldiers that they think are allies of the Americans. Based on the stories, the Japanese brutally killed many Filipinos in this house and even raped women most inhumanly. These stories were marked in the heads of the locals around the Laperal White House. Some said that every night they heard a crying lady asking for help.

Today, this house is now owned by Lucio Tan and rebuilt to be a tourist attraction in Baguio. This house is open to the public who wants to visit and learn the historical stories behind it. Opening hour is from 9 AM to 6 PM every day. You need to pay an entrance fee before you enter, so be sure to bring your pocket money with you.

Vega Ancestral House – Misamis Oriental

Vegan Ancient House

The first Bahay na Bato-inspired house in Misamis Oriental is a heritage house owned by Ignacio Juan Vega. This place is built around 200 years and witnessed the evolution from generation to generation. Because of how old this place was, many locals felt scared every time they passed by the house.

When you first visit this place, the most creepy feature you will notice are the wooden sculptured atlases that you will be seen on every corner of the first floor of the house. This is known in Visayan as Oti-ot, that said to provide support to the second floor as if the sculptures are carrying them on their shoulders. Many old furniture and interiors will be seen that will give you a spooky feeling as to how old this house is and how many secrets undernet the walls.

Vega Ancient House is open to the public from 6 AM to 7 PM. They also have a restaurant on the first floor to accommodate every visitor. The income that they get is used to maintain the traditional interiors of the house.

Teacher’s Camp – Baguio

Teacher's Camp

Teacher’s Camp founded in 1908, is the training site of Thomasites ( teachers from the United States) when America colonialized the Philippines. In today’s time, Teacher’s Camp become a retreat place wherein other religious events take place. Aside from its old structure and history, many horror stories and unexplainable experiences of the people who visited this place has told and gone viral online. The reason why it is included as one of the haunted places in the country.

Did you hear the story of the priest with no head running around Teacher’s Camp? Or the white lady crying at night? How about the love-sick Igorots who are said to be a ghost couple watching every visitor while asleep? These are some of the scary stories of the people who visited the campsite.

If you’re not into this thrill, you better avoid going to this place. But if you want to experience and see it yourself you can visit Teacher’s Camp in Baguio. They are open daily for visitors and open for booking reservations if you want to hold a retreat at this campsite.

Bahay na Pula – Bulacan


Bahay Na Pula

This hacienda owned by Ilusorio Family is located at Ildefonso, Bulacan, called Bahay na Pula because of the red-painted interior of the house. It is built in 1929 in the middle of the hacienda land of Don Ramon Illusorio. 

The beautiful family hacienda was painted with blood and filled with brutal stories when the Japanese occupied this house when they attacked Mapaniqui, Pampanga. Based on the stories, this is where the Japanese Armies killed and murdered hundreds of Filipino men. They also raped and turned every woman into a sexual slave.

People who visited this place remember these heart wrecked stories from the past. The reason why this place gives a spooky vibe and ambiance. Allowing you to visit a brutal memory and hear the loud cries of innocent people. Bahay na Pula is open for visitors and become a historical tourist attraction in Bulacan.

Clark Air Base Hospital – Pampanga

clark air base hospital

It is a working hospital in Pampanga way back 60s and started to fill with heartbreaking stories when World War II in the Philippines happened. Many soldiers and Filipinos died in this exact place, the reason why some people claimed that they experience paranormal activity within the vicinity and even outside of this abandoned hospital.

One of the creepy stories that I read online was from someone who’s driving passed by this abandoned hospital. The said driver claimed that he saw a lady crossing the street, wearing while hospital gown with long straight hair. When he stopped the car,  the lady has suddenly gone. I got chill when I read this story! This is just one of the many stories from the locals around the area.

Because of its old structure and for the safety of the visitors, this place is not open to the public. But you can ask permission in advance from the guard whose on duty if you want to tour the abandoned hospital and filmed your horror experience. Or take a picture and roam outside the said haunted hospital.

Balete Drive – Quezon City

Balete Drive

I’m sure you already heard of this place or have a familiarity with it. The reason why it is always on the list as one of the famous haunted places in the Philippines. The White lady in Balete Drive become well-known as it always features in different TV horror shows and documentaries in the country. Many paranormal experts visited this place and try to find out if the stories are true or not. Many theories had gone viral online and many footages are documented.

Drivers that said to pass by this street are telling almost the same haunted experience– they saw a White lady crossing the street, or even joining them on their trip. Scary, right? Just you having your midnight drive and encountering a ghost in the street or saw it in your rearview mirror looking at you with blood on their head. That is totally chills!

So If you’re finding a haunted place with your friends that doesn’t require much and is near the metro. Driving at midnight on Balete drive will surely give you what you’re looking for!

Intramuros – Manila


The most historical place in the Philippines is said to be one of the most haunted places as well. Intramuros in Manila are carrying many historical stories and experiences from many years ago. These walls and structures are evident from all the blood, sweat, and tears of every Filipino back in the Spanish colonialized era.

People who said to visit this place feel the spooky air as they tour Intramuros. Because of the old buildings and structures, it gives you the chill just by thinking that every corner of this place is where Filipinos are killed and tortured. What more if you hear the stories from the locals who work and lived around the area? They have said that some nights, they heard a crying lady and a sound of a crying baby asking for justice. Some said that, while walking in one of the streets in Intramuros they saw a soldier full of blood walking beside them! Scary as it sounds but these are just some of the haunted stories that you will hear from the locals around.

You can tour around the Intramuros for free, but it has an entrance fee if you want to go inside the Font Santiago. You can tour around the area on your own and experience these scary stories and see it yourself!

Diplomat Hotel – Baguio


diplomat hotel baguio

If you scan through the internet and searched for the most haunted places in the Philippines, you will surely find the name of this place! Diplomat Hotel in Baguio was said to be one of the most haunted places in the Philippines because of the stories circling from the people who visited this hotel.

This hotel is once a seminary that turns out to be a school and then a hotel. People said that they saw a ghost of nuns, priests, and teachers roaming around the area making the people scared to death! A crying lady screaming in pain was said to be heard by the locals and visitors.

If you have a heart condition, avoid visiting this place as much as you can! But if you love the adrenaline of being scared, you are free to visit Diplomat Hotel that’s open as early as 7 AM every day. You can take a picture inside or tour around the said haunted hotel in Baguio.

Ghost haunting. Horror stories. An adrenaline rush, and a paranormal experience. Name it! You will surely experience it when you visit these 10 Most Haunted Places In The Philippines. Enjoy your Halloween and take a lot of courage with you.