Finding a place to stay around Cebu? Well, folks, you are in the right place! Written in this article are some of the hotels in Cebu that offers quality yet affordable hotel experience that you will surely enjoy!

Cebu is one of the famous lands of the central Visayas region. A place where the Spanish first land on that leads to historical events that ever happened in the Philippines. But aside from its importance in our history, this place is also one of the famous tourist destinations for travelers and vacationers, both foreign and locals.

Cebu has said to have more than 150 islands and islets that you can visit and enjoy! Some of it includes in the “Top 10 islands that you should visit in the Philippines” which you can also read to know what island to visit next!

Key takeaways:

Cebu hotels offer different kinds of hotel services and room amenities. All rooms are fully airconditioned and have their own bathroom to use. Wifi is also not a problem as all these hotels have that for free.

Here is the list of Cebu Hotels that you can stay in while enjoying the beauty of Cebu. Choose the hotel that suits your preference:

        • Bai Hotel
        • Savoy Hotel
        • Bayfront Hotel
        • Quest Hotel
        • Cebu Parklane International Hotel
        • Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino
        • Harolds Evotel
        • Radisson Blu Cebu
        • Marco Polo Plaza Cebu
        • Red Planet Cebu

Bai Hotel

Bai Hotel
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This luxurious hotel in the middle of city streets is located in Mandaue City, Cebu.

Bai Hotel will help you get closer and has hassle-free travel from some of the tourist destinations in Cebu. Parking and wifi connection are not a problem because they are giving it for free use. When it comes to rooms and amenities, they offer lots of room services with different price ranges. One of the rooms has a kitchen area that you can use to cook for your loved ones.

If you’re looking for hotel activities to do while staying, you can do night swimming in their swimming pool area. Not only that, but you can also party with your friends and meet new acquaintances at their own bar place. Serving different alcohol and beverages that you enjoy. After a long tiring night, you can do your morning yoga or do some basic exercise routines at their fitness center. Sounds fun, right? You can book a room online or onsite.

Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel
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Located at Mactan Island is this hotel that has a private beach that you can enjoy.

Savoy Hotel in Mactan is one of the well-known hotels on the island. With their quality and cozy hotel services, you will surely give them a 5-star rating. Their rooms are all fully air-conditioned that have a warm ambiance that gives you the comfort that you are aiming for. From queen-size beds up to single-bed rooms, they all have that. They also offer free breakfast depending on what service you will be availing of.

In terms of their hotel activities, they have an infinity pool that is open for all their guest. But the reason why foreigners and even local travelers want to visit this hotel is because of their private beach that you will surely love. Seeing the sunrise first thing in the morning and even watching the transition from the sun setting to the darkness of night; is a true relaxation. You can also visit their restaurant that serves different courses of food. Or visit their fitness center and have a physical workout.

You can book a room through their online booking partners or do it when you visit Mactan, Cebu!

Bayfront Hotel

Bayfront Hotel
Image Source: Bayfront Hotel

This hotel in Cebu has colorful yet artistic and elegant room interiors that you would love!

Bayfront Hotel offers you a cozy and enjoyable hotel experience. Rooms are all fully air-conditioned and have their own shower to use. Some rooms have kitchenettes. Some have their own balcony with a view of the whole city. Amenities and room style and interiors all depend on what room are you taking in.

If you’re finding out what services and activities they offer, well, they have their own golf course that you can use! Enjoying the game with your friends is one of the things that you can do when you stay in this hotel. They also have their own restaurant that serves delicious cuisines. If you love swimming, they also have a place for that. Visit their outdoor swimming pool area and enjoy the sun outside.

But one thing you need to know before booking a room in this hotel is that they have a non-smoking protocol that every guest should follow. If you want to have your stick of cigarette, you can do it in the designated area for smokers.

Quest Hotel

Quest Hotel
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Experience a top-tier hotel experience at Quest Hotel in Cebu!

Some guest who experienced staying in this hotel says that the hotel staffs are all kind and the services are quality enough to get that hotel satisfaction. The location is also said to be accessible as it is located near malls and such establishments. Rooms are all fully air-conditioned and have their own comfort room to use. They make sure that every room is well-maintained and clean by doing daily housekeeping.

When it comes to hotel activities and things to do, they offer a lot of that. From a karaoke room, game room, and even canoeing! But if you want to just relax and chill, you can try their hotel spa and massage. They also have a fitness area wherein you can do some yoga routine or stretch some bones before going to a lot of places around Cebu. And of course, we don’t forget their restaurant that services Asian and International cuisines! A full-course buffet that every guest would love!

Cebu Parklane International Hotel

Cebu Parklane International Hotel
Image Source: Cebu Parklane International Hotel

A great hotel location that is a few kilometers from some of the tourist destinations in Cebu!

Cebu Parklane International Hotel located in the city of Cebu is just 2.9 km away from the famous Basilica De Sto. Nino. But aside from its great location, its hotel services and affordable room price rate is one the reason why this hotel is one of the top rating hotels in Cebu. Their rooms are all clean and well-sanitized by their hotel staff. They make sure that all the guests will have a comfortable sleep and a clean environment. Entertainment is not a problem as well because each room has its own television to use and a free wifi connection around the hotel’s vicinity.

When it comes to hotel activities, they have a fitness center that is well-equipped with gym essentials. You can also relax and clear your mind through their own sauna and spa massage. Partying and bonding with your friends and family is also not a problem as they have a karaoke that you can use. Visit their garden area as well and take a photo shoot with the beautiful flowers around. Pay a visit and enjoy eating delicious food in their hotel restaurant! Finding this hotel interesting? Book a room online or do an onsite reservation.

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino
Image Source: Waterfront Hotel and Casino

Looking for a hotel that has a casino to play on? Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino is for you!

Spend your vacation at this 4-star hotel in Cebu City. Rooms have different price ranges and room spaces depend on what you will get. The interior is a mixture of luxurious and homey ambiance that will surely give you a comfortable feeling. In-room entertainment is also available in each room. Play through video games, or watch your favorite show on cable TV.

This hotel offers lots of activities and things to do for their guest. They have an outdoor swimming pool area that you can use. While enjoying the pool, you can also drink your favorite liquor at the poolside bar. Wash out your jet lag and get steam in their steaming room and sauna. They also offer spa and full body massage that you can have to get that relaxation that you wish for. If you love playing Casino games and spending your money just to enjoy, they have a place for that! Have your vacation in this hotel by booking a room online or onsite!

Harolds Evotel

Harolds Evotel
Image Source: Harolds Evotel

Have your most romantic escape at Harolds Evotel in Cebu!

This hotel offers different room types with lots of amenities that you and your loved one will surely love. The rooms are all well-cleaned and fully furnished. Some have their own refrigerator to use and some have a minibar area to enjoy. Room service and housekeeping are available 24 hours, this is to accommodate all their guest. Spend the night looking at the beautiful night sky while holding your partner’s hand on the balcony area of your room. Have a simple yet meaningful memory with your partner.

They also offer hotel activities that you can experience while having your vacation. Experience a rooftop date at their restaurant located on the deck of the hotel. The restaurant serves a variety of international and local cuisines that you can enjoy sharing with your partner. Not only that, but they also have a gym area and a business meeting room for those who are planning to have a business conference. Book a room and enjoy your staycation in Cebu!

Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu
Image Source: Emirates Holidays

Just 500 meters away from the international port area and you will find Radisson Blue Hotel.

They offer a variety of rooms with different amenities that every guest can choose from. The entire hotel has an elegant style interior. Rooms have a homey and cozy atmosphere that makes you sleep comfortably. Television and high-speed internet are also available to use. The bathrooms are complete with toiletries.

If you want to explore and find activities to do, go and visit their infinity pool on the ground floor. The pool is big enough to accommodate all their guests who want to take a swim. They also have a poolside bar for those guest who wants to relax in the company of alcohol. If drinking is not your thing but eating yummy food is, then go straight to the hotel’s restaurant and order yourself food to eat! They offer different types of cuisines depending on your liking.

Write down this hotel on your checklist and book a room online or onsite.

Marco Polo Plaza

Marco Polo Plaza
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Offers quality hotel services with a breathtaking view of Cebu City and Mactan Island is Marco Polo Plaza.

This hotel is located on Nivel hill in Cebu reason why it is very famous among vacationers and travelers. The rooms are all well-cleaned and sanitized. It has a luxurious feel with a calm and warm ambiance that will surely make you relax after a long trip. Get soaked in their bathtubs as some of the rooms have that. You can also have your own mini-room party as some of the rooms have mini bar counters. May it be a family room or a single room for two, it will be worth the price.

Explore the hotel and experience the services and amenities they offer. You can go to their swimming pool area to take a dip and do some water games with your friends. Visit their restaurant which is dubbed as the “Best Buffet In Cebu City” by one of the travel blogs. Mouthwatering cuisines that serve local and international dishes. If you want to just unwind, you can go to their roof deck and see the beauty of the city lights of Cebu. Book a room on their partner’s travel sites or do it on your own when you visit Cebu.

Red Planet Hotel

Red Planet Hotel
Image Source: Red Planet Hotel

An accessible hotel that’s nearly located at some of the famous tourist destinations in Cebu is Red Planet Hotel.

This hotel proves a variety of options for its rooms and services. You can check in anytime you want as they are accepting guests 24/7. The rooms are simple yet clean and well-maintained. They also have complimentary toiletries for their guest to use. Rooms are not as spacious as other hotels, just right for their affordable price range.

There don’t have much hotel activities to offer aside from the private beach access that they have for their guest. This hotel is perfect for travelers who are finding for a place to rest after a long travel itinerary. You can book a room online through their partner sites or check in by yourself when you visit the province.

And these are the Cebu Hotels that you can stay in if you’re planning to have your vacation in this famous land of central Visayas. Relax, enjoy, and make the most out of your stay!